Thursday, 29 January 2015

Life Update ...

Hey everyone :)

life update by shoutjohn john agnew

How is everyone doing? I hope your day is going well. I've finished work, tidied the house and made some roast pepper and tomato soup which is quietly bubbling away on the cooker ... so I thought I would take this opportunity (while I wait for the soup to simmer) to post a 'life update' - not that there is much to update.

Let's get the boring stuff out of the way ...

Work is work ... one of my colleagues has recently been promoted to a manager so we are in the middle of transitioning and training - which is always fun. I'm currently looking for jobs (like I always am). I'm planning on moving towns by the end of May and I would prefer to have a job in/near that town instead of commuting to this job.

A few months ago now I started a YouTube channel to go along with my blog - the main reason being because sometimes I felt like I couldn't get across a product I was using in words on my blog and so I thought I'd give a shot at video-blogging which I really enjoy doing. If I'm honest I really love editing more than the filming. My channel currently has 213 subscribers although I'm sure some of those are those bot accounts as someone added me to some weird group but anyway it's good fun. If you want to check it out - you can HERE. Feel free to watch some videos and subscribe and/or like. My videos are on anything and everything not just products I blog about so worth a watch (well I think anyway).

As I said above in my work section - I'm currently job searching and house searching in a place called Milton Keynes - which is a lovely town in Buckinghamshire. Dave and myself are always going there whether its for walks around Willen Lake or just for the cinema/shopping etc. It's about 40 miles away from Hemel Hempstead so a bit annoying that its far away. I really want to settle here but when Dave is back hopefully we will properly decide and talk about it - at the moment it's just me telling him where we're looking which as anyone in a relationship will know - both of us need to decide.

Where do I begin with this idiot! So I stupidly agreed to him going to Canada for 6 months (which for me is shit, for him probably the best experience of his life). Although I want to add - that I agreed, I know for a fact that even if I had disagreed he still would have went lol. We always have this joke about if he had to choose between 'snowboarding' and 'me' - who would he choose. I know what the answer is ... but each time he tells me 'snowboarding wouldn't ask me that question' lol. Six months is a very long time and I miss him but we text and Skype when we can so not all that bad. I can't wait for him to come home in May so we can actually start out lives properly as I feel like our lives are on hold at the moment (well mine anyway) waiting for him to come back (not that I'm moaning). I'm perfectly happy to wait. I just am very excited - if I could afford it - I'd have bought a house and dogs and cats by now haha!

My car is a year old now and it passed its 1 year service with flying colours - although the service wasn't cheap #sadface #johnisbroke I do hate that it gets dirty so quick (what with it being a white car) anyway enough moaning ...

Life is well at the moment (personally speaking). As I said above I'm working, when I'm not working I'm either blogging or YouTubing (or editing). I feel healthy - I'm trying not to eat sweets and sugary drinks. I've managed to cut myself down to 1 coke and 1 tea a day (which may still seem lots but before it was 6/7 cups of tea, and maybe 4/5 cans of coke) - the 2 reasons for this: 1. because obviously its unhealthy and sugary and my skin hated it) and because my teeth were suffering with the sugar and the staining of the tea. I'm also drinking lots more water which is always good. I feel more 'alive' if that makes sense and not as 'groggy'. I also registered with a private dentist in St. Albans and probably won't be going back to my NHS dentist as I feel like they don't listen to me when I complain about things and they ignore my requests about problems I have. So this dentist seems great and I'm currently in the process of teeth whitening and possibly getting some of my silver fillings replaced with white fillings so my teeth look better (fingers crossed).

That's all in my little update :)

Hope you guys are all well!

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