Friday, 27 February 2015


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sponsoring and advertising john agnew

So one of the main reasons I love blogging is the community - it is massive! I myself love finding new blogs to read and new bloggers to talk to - which is why I take part in the Twitter chats throughout the week and why I decided to introduce sponsoring to my blog (also known as advertising).

There are lots of posts about sponsoring and advertising on blogs - some support it (and like I said say that its a great way to introduce one blog's readers to other new blogs) and some think its a way of cheating and that your paying to get readers/followers.

Now I partly agree and partly disagree with this statement - I know there are iPhone apps out there where you specifically pay to get Twitter followers or Instagram followers - but these accounts are rarely active and there's no point to them. You can tell if someone on Instagram has 10,000 followers and gets 1 or 2 likes per picture < that is someone who has paid for those followers. There are apps that you pay to get retweets so that your tweets get more noticed - the list goes on ...

There are many posts I have found that do recommend that advertisement only works if your getting around 200,000 views per month to your blog - which I think is a load of crap (excuse my language). If you are a blogger and your only interest is in getting views - then by all means look for blogs that are getting those views and ask to see statistics but if your a blogger who wants to get to know other bloggers, find new readers, and work with other bloggers and have a good time then you want to look for blogs similar to your own and not worry about views per month. There is also no point advertising a gaming blog on a beauty blog - you want to find a blog that is similar so that the readers of that blog - might be interested to visit your blog.

I decided to create three packages for for advertisement on my blog:

> Small
> Medium
> Large

Each offer different benefits and perks - I won't go into detail on this post - if you want to check it out visit my sponsor page HERE.

There are many benefits to sponsoring/advertising on blogs:

- building a relationship with each other
- blog traffic that goes either way
- it's easy - choose a sponsor, decide on how, choose the length of time, payment - DONE
- it's fast and not complicated to setup
- you get to make new blogger friends
- regardless if your getting 200 views or 200,000 or 2,000,000 views a month - you can still advertise

So if your interested in these benefits or want to know more - email me, tweet me, leave a comment and I'll get back to you. I really do want to meet new bloggers, make new friends and build great long-lasting relationships with you guys.

If I haven't said it before - thanks for taking the time to read the post and visiting my blog :)

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