Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Primark Summer Holiday Haul

Hey everyone :)

Last weekend I went to Primark in Milton Keynes and did some 'Summer Holiday' shopping as I'm going on holiday to Spain soon and I wanted to refresh my wardrobe with some newer Summery clothes.

I got a selection of different things such as t-shirts, tank tops (or vests), shorts and some board shorts.

Primark Summer Holiday Haul

1. White t-shirt with blue and red stripes
2. White square and green-blue t-shirt
3. Faded green and white large striped t-shirt
4. Black aztec on white print t-shirt
5. Faded blue and white stripe t-shirt

Primark Summer Holiday Haul

1. Teal tank
2. Blue tank
3. Sky blue tank
4. Green tank

Primark Summer Holiday Haul

1 - 4. White tank tops (you can never have enough)

Primark Summer Holiday Haul

1. Scoop hem blue t-shirt

Primark Summer Holiday Haul

1. White board shorts with blue effect flowers
2. Lime green and pink shorts
3. Grey/Red/Strip/Flower effect board shorts

All of this came to around £70.50 which I was quite surprised at because in my head I had counted up more but I suppose that's a good thing! 

I also put together a video which I released earlier this week on YT so I will embed that down below if you fancy watching that. 

If the embedded video doesn't work you can click HERE to watch the video on YT.

Do let me know what you think of my choices of clothes - I do value your opinion either here on my blog or my my comments section on YT. 

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