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Welcome to ShoutJohn.

This blog is primarily a lifestyle blog because I like to blog about everything and anything. This can range from lifestyle, fashion, food, gaming, beauty and lots more.

For those interested in me (and not my blog) - my name is John Agnew and I'm currently 27 (28 in December eek!!). I'm originally from a little village called 'Gatehouse of Fleet' in Scotland when I was 18 (or 19 - I can't remember) I moved to England and have lived here ever since. I live in a town (or city) called Hemel Hempstead (which is about 25 minutes by train from London).

I work for a 3PL (3rd party logistics company) they deliver fresh and ambient goods for companies like Marks and Spencers, EAT and Starbucks. I mainly do work for Starbucks and EAT - but enough about my work as that's boring! When I'm not working I'm a bit of a nerd (or gamer) and enjoy playing games on my PS4, Xbox One or my PC (games like Destiny, WOW, LOL, FFXIV etc).

The reason I started this blog is very similar to Zoe Sugg (Zoella) a blogger (or now YouTuber as she doesn't blog much these days) I was reading so many blogs and thought 'why don't I start my own blog' and give my opinions on things and the rest (as they say) is history.

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Canon EOS 700D (for Saturday blog-related videos)
Lens: Canon Zoom Lens EF-S 18-55mm IS STM
Canon G7X (for vlogging when I do)
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