Thursday 31 July 2014

Grove Farm PYO (Pick Your Own)

Hey everyone :)

So this weekend was rather hot - and what do you do when its hot?! Go to the beach, have a BBQ in the garden or go rather long walk with the dogs (if you have any).

No, we went to Grove Farm PYO (Pick Your Own). You can see it here on Google Maps.

There opening times are:

Monday to Saturday - 10am-6pm (last entry 5.15pm)
Sunday - 9am-1pm (last entry 12.15pm)

Times may vary as I know they change them every year.

If you want to contact them before travelling then their telephone number is: 01296 668 175.

They do have a website also:

For those of you who don't know what it is - it's a farm near Ivinghoe, Leighton Buzzard around 80 acres in size where you can go and pick your own vegetables and fruits. You can take the car, park up, grab a couple of empty punnets and carrier bags from the small hut and head out into the fields to pick whatever they have available.

What they have depends on the season and time of year you go. They open around middle of June and close for the year around the middle/end of October. So around June you can expect to get Strawberries, Spinach and Gooseberries, then moving into July you can get Raspberries and Carrots. They also have onions, potatoes, broad beans, redcurrants, blackcurrants around July-time ... the list goes on ...

I am very much looking forward to October this year for the Pumpkins as I missed them last year.

They do allow you to try the fruit/vegetables while picking, but only 1 or 2 - they will kick you out if your found to be eating excessively which is fair when you think about it. Once you have picked to your hearts content - you can head to the little hut at the car park and weight and pay for everything. They also have a selection of ice-creams, mr whippy, cans of juice, honey, hen eggs and duck eggs ... again I could go on and on ... They take most bank/credit cards and cash. They don't accept cheques - not that anyone is doing cheques these days, although saying that - my dentist still use them).

They also have some stalls with already picked fruit and vegetables - I think (well last year) they cost a little extra than if you went and picked them yourself but today when we were there - they were the same price as normal.

Opening times have also changed this year compared to last year. Monday to Saturday is 10-6 and Sun is now only 9-1. Last entry is normally 45 mins before the closing time.

This weekend we managed to grab some Strawberries, Carrots and Raspberries - the Strawberries were massive (as you can see from the pictures).

grove farm pick your own carrots

grove farm pick your own raspberry

grove farm pick your own strawberry

As you can see we got plenty!

So if you fancy a nice family day out picking some fruit and vegetables - I highly recommend going - obviously I don't have kids or a family but while there I see lots of parents and kids and they looked like they were enjoying themselves!


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