Sunday 6 July 2014

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush 'Fresh & Foamy' Body Wash

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So I wrote another product review as I quite enjoy doing them. Only to find I deleted it by mistake :(

This makes me really sad as I spent a good 2 days on it - I know I'm just getting started with my blog - but I'm sure any blogger will tell you that it takes at least a couple of days to put together a decent post about anything ... unless your just typing off the top of your head. Anyway I digress ...

I thought since I bought the 3 for 2 deal in Boots - I could review another of the products I bought that weekend. And since I love Soap & Glory that much - I decided I might as well do that.

So we are looking at the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush 'Fresh & Foamy' Body Wash - You can check out the product on Boots here.

The cost of the product was £6.50 however I got it free as part of the Boots 3 for 2 deal.

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash

As I mentioned in my previous blog - you get the lovely pink themed-bottle again with the colourful labels and similar to the other Soap & Glory products you get the fruit in black and white so this time we get a half wedge and half a lime on the bottle. Surprisingly even though the bottle is pink the body wash/lotion inside is actually a white-creamy colour.

The bottle design is quite different - I mean you see a lot of body washes and shower gels in normal bottles with a normal cap - let's face it - these are BORING! So this is different - as we have a pump-bottle. I like change ... plus it looks good in the bathroom among all the plain bottles.

The body wash liquid was very thin - which was a surprise, I expected it to be - thicker or more glossy or fancy considering this is Soap & Glory we are talking about - when you look at it in your hand - it's just a plain white-creamy boring colour. But ... there is a but!

The smell! The smell is amazing! I was trying to think of a good enough example to compare to the smell. It's like those citrus flavoured polos they used to do but discontinued, or lime tic-tacs or key lime pie or freshly grated lime zest. The smell is just over-whelming but a good kind of over-whelming not a bad kind.

In terms of using the body wash - as the instructions say you should get some in your hand and lather over your body, quick rub, then rinse off. I preferred using the body puff I have as it seemed to make the body wash last longer when I was washing, if I used just my hands I noticed I was using more of the body wash than with the body puff.

All in all a good product to have in your bathroom and one that I will buy again and again as I think its awesome and as I mentioned looks good among all the other bottles in the bathroom but the main point being the smell makes you smell amazing and even after you've gotten out the shower and lazed around for a bit you can still smell the lime.

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