Saturday 30 August 2014

It's Face Mask Time!

montagne jennesse facemasks

For the last few weekends I've either been working or just relaxing - so this weekend we (my other half and I) decided to do something rather than waste it laying in bed (even though that sounds amazing right now). We ended up in Milton Keynes - which is about 40 miles from where we live.

We had a good browse through lots of shops - Boots, Superdrug, HMV, The Body Shop and Lush to name a few. I picked the face masks up in Boots as they were on special and you know me - I can't resist a bargain. Got some things in Lush too ... but there will be another post about that soon :)

I managed to persuade my other half to be a tester for one of the face masks tonight, and I chose one too. 

montagne jennesse facemasks

We have the: 'Black Seaweed Peel Off Masque' on the top half - I have put together a rating/pointing system:

Feel - very sticky and runny - I think I had more on my hands than I did on his face.
Look - it's a black seaweed face mask - so the black colour is no issue for me. As you can see in the picture it did tend to clog together quickly and dry before it was evenly spread over the face.
Application - took about 2/3 minutes to make sure it was evenly spread over the entire facial area (this was after picture was taken).
Time - 15/20 minutes although mask had still not hardened in places after this time.
Removal - most of the mask peeled off with no trouble however as mentioned above after specified time (15/20 mins) there was still some wet patches that didn't peel off - these were wiped off with a baby wipe.
Afterwards - face felt more smoother and looked fresh and clean.

Overall Score: 7/10

The second half is of the: 'Mud Pac' face mask - which I chose:

Feel - just the right consistency - not too thin but not too thick.
Look - The picture I thought was more darker blue than the actual mask which was more a pale duck egg blue - again no real issue with the colour. This did spread much easier than the other mask but I think this is more due to the fact its a creme mask rather than a peel off mask.
Application - Took about a minute as was evenly distributed throughout the facial area.
Time - 15/20 minutes - this is a creme mask so was a rinse job.
Removal - I decided to go for a shower - so I rinsed this off before I got in the shower - came off very easily.
Afterwards - face felt softer and cleaner, although still a little dry however that's normal for my skin - wasn't expecting my face to be baby bum smooth.

Overall Score - 8/10

The cost of each was £1.00 each.

What face masks are you using at the moment? Any you would recommend?

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