Sunday 3 August 2014

July Favourites

It's that time of the month again ...

I've had a fun, enjoyable month ... apart from the heat in England ... it's been so hot and I'm not much of a fan of the heat. Even though it normally rains so hot sunny days are regarded as rare.

This month's favourites are quite random ... so let's begin ... ...

July favourites

1. Kellogs Crunchy Nut - I've been trying to eat properly and get breakfast before I go to work in the morning. Not that I'm saying this cereal is the best choice but I've always loved them. My parents always classed them as a 'treat' cereal. Normally we would only ever have rice krispies, cornflakes, wheatabix (you know all the boring plain ones) ... so it was always awesome when my parents would get this when we went shopping.

2. Witches of East End - I'm always on the lookout for new television series' to watch as every year all the normal programmes I watch end for their yearly break and I'm left with nothing to watch. I have started using this website called PogDesign - TV Calendar - it's the best website I've come across - you basically 'subscribe' to your favourite shows and it tells you when its on next, series lists, synopsis', and you can check off when you've watched a show. It shows a total of how many hours you've wasted of your life watching television ... it's really good and you should definitely check it out. Anyway I found Witches of East End through PogDesign as they have a 'new additions' section so you can see when new shows are added to their website and this was one of them ... I checked it out on wikipedia and they claim its similar to Charmed - now I was a big fan of Charmed (RIP) and so I instantly took a liking to the show and love every minute of it ... it's currently in its second season :)

3. Wilko Food Storage Containers -  It my ever-lasting quest of trying to save money. I bought some food storage containers from Wilkos on the weekend. Now the link on leads to the 1 x food storage box for £1.40 but I bought the 3 x food storage boxes for special price of £2.00 (not sure how long the deal is for) however I couldn't find the link to the 3 boxes. Anyway their great for anything really. I've used them for sandwiches, carrot sticks, cucumber, yoghurt, chopped fruit ... possibilities are endless. I mean you don't have to use them just for lunch ... you can use them to store leftover food from the night before and then eat it the next day or take it to work ... Sounds like I'm going on about nothing ... but I can 100% say that you do save money by using these and taking food to work from home rather than buying lunch everyday when your at work.

4. Daim Ice Cream (or Dime, or Diam, or whatever it used to be called) - I discovered this with my other half on the weekend when we were looking for ice cream (as it was soooooooo hot). I got to choose the ice cream and so I went with this .... best choice ever! It's toffee ice cream (I think) and you get bits of chewy toffee and bits of chocolate in it. The tub was gone in a matter of hours ... well it lasted less than a day.

5. Diggy Diggy Hole  - This is a new song by the Yogscast - they released it 11th June. I couldn't stop listening to it at home, in the car, at work. I think I drove everyone mad ... I've kind of calmed down now ... but it's just so catchy! Worth a listen on youtube (link is there) or you can download for £0.79 on iTunes.

6. Destiny - The Game - Words cannot describe how good this game is. I managed to get a beta key by pre-ordering the game for PS3 from Amazon and I was so happy to be part of it - the game is AMAZING! I'll probably do a separate post on it ... Quick version - the makers of Halo ( created this open world and the storyline is great. Basically a being known as the 'traveller' arrives in our solar system - makes all the planets habitable. Then its enemy arrives chasing it and basically destroys everything. In comes you (a guardian with a little floating robot called ghost) and you chase back the monsters with the power of the traveller inside you) There are open worlds to explore where you can do quests or you can follow the storyline as well. I can't wait to get the game in September so I can continue. I won't bore you with all the details but what its about etc is on the website (link to the left). It's available on PS3, PS4, Xbox360 and XboxOne. So multi-platform which I think is why its so popular (well one of the reasons).

Anyway thats all for this month guys - hope you enjoyed reading and let me know what your favourites were this month?


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