Friday 22 August 2014

The Graze 'Breakfast' Box

So in my quest to eat more healthily, I decided to restart my subscription.

For those of you who don't know - deliver nutritional snacks through your letterbox. You don't need anyone to be in to sign for them as its small enough to fit through your letterbox. You normally get 4 snacks per box and there small enough to take to work or fit into your pocket for a quick snack.

At the time of writing this post - they offer 3 different types of box:

- You can get a 'snack' box - which is a range of different snacks such as chocolate pretzels, popcorn, flapjacks ...
- You can also get a 'breakfast' box - which is a range of different breakfast cereal types such as strawberry and cream granola, maple and pecan granola, dark chocolate orange granola ...
- You can also get a 'kids' box too - which is snacks more aimed at kids such as tangy twisters or treasure chest.

(They have also started a new 'big' box however it's coming soon)

Anyway I visited the website and noticed since I was last on - they had the newer 'breakfast' box option available - it's probably not new now ... but it's new to me as I had never heard, nor seen it before since I stopped my graze subscription last time. breakfast box

So this lovely box arrived in the post last week (apologies for the lateness of the post but I wanted to try each cereal I got before posting to give the best opinion on the ones I tried).

So as you can see (above) - small enough to fit in your letterbox, adorable little designs on the box and it's personalised with your name on top right hand corner (the light is shining on it, but my name 'John' is on there). Obviously the box is sealed but I had already taken the seals off before I took took the pictures.

Once opened you are presented with 4 different cereals (not sure if you would classify them as cereals) maybe ... snacks/granolas/breakfast item ... breakfast box breakfast box

When you get your boxes you just get a random selection of 4. You can choose on the website different options for each of the different breakfast items - you can choose: 'bin', 'try', 'like', 'love' or 'send soon'.

I enjoyed all four that I got - however my favourite would have to be the Strawberries & Cream Granola!

The box also comes with a little card that explains the nutritional information for each of the 4 types of granola that you get (as below). breakfast box

Graze have also given me a code if you want to try it. I believe this is for new 'grazers' only:

It means you'll get your first, fifth and tenth box free, I believe the normal cost is £3.99.

Also they gave me 4 codes which existing 'grazers' and new 'grazers' can use:

You just go to and enter the code: JOHNA9DW

New 'grazers' will get their first breakfast box free, then you will have to start paying.
Existing 'grazers' will get an additional box free when they buy a breakfast box.

If you do buy one let me know ... as I get a free one when you use my codes :)

Graze is also environmentally friendly which is another great aspect of the whole idea ... the boxes, the leaflet, the packaging are all recyclable ... 

Anyway hope you enjoyed the post and it was informative enough for you ... if you want to know anything else I might have missed then please visit and you should find out anything you want to know there.

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