Sunday 17 August 2014

The Liebster Award!

liebster award

I was lucky enough to get nominated or chosen (not sure of the exact wording) for the Liebster Award by Charlotte of 'My Charlotte's Web of Life so thanks for that Charlotte - really unexpected and a great surprise. 

As Charlotte mentioned on her blog - it is a great way for bloggers to get to know each other and a great way to help each other out!

For those of you who don't know - the Liebster Award (from what I've gathered from Google) is a blogger award that bloggers give to each other - there is no award panel or award committee or any judges looking through the blogs deciding whose the best. Other bloggers say it's a sort of chain blog post but with the idea that you can get to see other people's blogs and get to know the blogging community a bit better.

The Rules (yes there are rules):

1. Link back the person that nominated you for the award.
2. You must write 11 facts about yourself so people can learn more about you.
3. You have to answer the 11 questions chosen by your nominator.
4. After completing these tasks you should nominate 11 other bloggers who have under 200 followers (used to be 3000 followers) and give them 11 questions to answer - you cannot nominate your nominator.
5. You have to let your nominees know that they have been nominated by giving them a link to this post about the award 

So let us begin ...

1. So I have already mentioned but thank you to my nominator Charlotte - her blog link is above - check her out if you get time :)

2. 11 facts about myself:

> I love Starbucks

> I love my iPhone, my iPad and my MacBook (yep I'm an Apple loser)
> I enjoy taking pictures - don't take as many as I'd like but trying to
> I'm a neat-freak, OCD organiser and hate when things are out of place
> I love showers - I spend a could 45 minutes in a shower
> I'm really bad with money - if I have money - I will spend it regardless if I need the thing I'm buying
> I enjoy baking and cooking for others
> My favourite season is Winter - snow, ice and the cold crisp air! 
> I have one younger brother called Christopher, he is 18, 19 in September
> I'm a bit of a gamer (not ashamed to admit it)
> I really want to visit NYC at some point in my life!

3. Answer the questions chosen by Charlotte:

1. If you could live anywhere in the world (other than where you live currently) where would you live and why? 

I've not travelled much in my life, but going from other people's experiences, YouTube videos etc ... I would have to go with the US (not sure which state) but it just looks amazing - it's so big, there is everything and anything you could ever imagine and I think it seems way much better than the UK.

2. Who's your favourite actor/actress? 

I really like Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) from Game of Thrones at the moment. GoT was her first real acting job and you would have thought she had been doing it for years. I think she is a real inspiration. She's got Twitter/Instagram - go follow her. :)

3. Do you have any hidden talents, if so what is it? 

Not that I can think of ... I can knit a scarf with wool and knitting needles - my grandmother taught me when I was really young.

4. What is your favourite book that is also a film? 

Harry Potter - without a doubt - loved those books well before the films came out. The films are good too.

5. How old were you when you started your blog, and why did you want to write one? 
This is a difficult question to answer for me. I did start a blog when I was around 17/18 when I first went to university but it was really just a diary for me ... I just talked about my day, and what I did at uni. I deleted it a few months after as I didn't have time to keep doing it what with university coursework. I then left university and started a newer blog. Same style though - just about my life and what I was doing. Got rid of that again about a year after (I would have been 19). And now at the age of 23 (and more maturer) I have started 'ShoutJohn' which covers a range of different topics.

6. Do you like/have any animals? If so, what animals do you have? 
I love Cats and Dogs. I used to have a cat called Sonny but then we gave him to my grandparents when I was about 5 year old, we still got to see him every week when we visited. He sadly died at the age of 16 due to cat cancer. But he did live a long life and he was treated amazingly by my grandparents.

I also love dogs - never had one but I've looked after other people's dogs and loved it.

7. If you could be a character from any Disney movie who would you be and why? 
Probably Aladdin - I liked his magic carpet and his castle. :)

8. What would be your perfect day out? 
I enjoy doing just about anything. Maybe some sight-seeing, some shopping, a nice meal (Nandos or Wagamamas) then a nice walk somewhere, then film and bed - I love my bed (who doesn't).

9. Do you prefer your birthday or Christmas Day? 
My birthday - as it's all about ME! (cos that doesn't sound big-headed) I like both.

10. What is your favourite: main course, snack and dessert? 
Probably main course - as it's the most filling and at the moment I'm trying to eat healthy so I don't want to snack or eat desert all the time.

11. What would be your dream job? 
Something with computers or administration.

4. Choose (nominate) 11 bloggers:

> Mimika's Little Wonderland
> Shopping Obsession
> Stephi Lareine
> The Black Pearl Blog
> Carly's Beauty World
> Alldolledup
> Smitten Kitchen
> A Little Obsessed
> Melissa-Lou
> Jess About Average
> How Sweet It Is

My 11 questions for my chosen bloggers:

1. Get your iPod/iPhone/iPad/Spotify/MP3 Player - what is the first song in your most recently played playlist?
2. If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?
3. When you have 30 minutes of free-time, how do you pass the time?
4. What was the first thing you bought with your own money?
5. What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done?
6. What is something you learned in the last week?
7. What is your one major weekness?
8. If you could change your name to anything what would your new name be?
9. Have you ever flown first class?
10. What do you consider is the most important appliance in a house?
11. What was the last movie you went to see?

Enjoy and I look forward to reading all your answers :)

PS ... I understand some people may view this as one of those 'chain emails' or 'spam chain letters' however I'm doing this to showcase the blogs I enjoy reading and as a way to expose them to my readers. I will understand if you don't want to participate or do the post yourself, if for whatever reason you don't want me to showcase your blog - please email me ( and I will remove you from this post.


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