Tuesday 2 September 2014

August Favourites

I can not actually believe its the end of August already. You can tell by the weather here in England that we're making the transition from Summer into a wet, wet Autumn. Saying that the leaves are still green ... 

I feel like I am very organised this month - as normally I do my favourite posts from the month before half-way through the next month - go me!!

So let's begin ...

august favourites

My favourites - as always - are rather random this month ... we'll work our way round the outside, going right and then end up in the middle (good one for forgetting to number the picture)

Cream of Broccoli Soup
In my everlasting quest (your probably getting sick of me going on about it) of trying to eat healthily - I have been making different kinds of soup. Last weekend I made Cream of Broccoli - the good thing with soup is that you don't need a recipe and you can just throw whatever you have in the fridge into the soup. This soup had: carrots, onions (the base for any soup really), broccoli (obviously), stock (you can use vegetable, chicken or beef), and then cream. Whizz it up in a blender and your ready to go :)

Friends has been on for years and years and years and I never get sick of it. I remember E4 (television channel - for those of you who don't know) used to play double episodes 3 or 4 times a day so that was 6 or 8 episodes a day sometimes. It was great. I was lucky enough to get the boxset for my Christmas last year so after I come home from work its great to pop it on in the background, flick through Bloglovin and have a cuppa.

Soap & Glory - Hand Food
I got this a couple of months ago free as Boots had a 3 for 2 deal on. I can't stop using it and it makes your hands so soft. Working in a warehouse, even though I do administration - sometimes I'm lifting boxes or moving things around and my hands get dry and damaged so this hand cream is great at fixing that for you.

Del Rivo Apple & Raspberry Juice
So a new ALDI opened in Hemel Hempstead, this is our second in the last few months. For those of you who don't know - it's a discount supermarket chain. They do a lot of products you can get it Tesco/Sainsbury's/ASDA for half the price. I have bought this juice every time I've gone and it's great with some crushed ice - on it's own, or you can mix with sparkling water or lemonade.

Emporio Armani Diamonds for Men
I've been wearing this aftershave for a couple of years now. It's become my signature smell. I do have a couple others but do prefer this one over them. It's not too pricy, but still high up there. I normally buy the 75ml bottle which is about £55.00. However most times you can get it a bit cheaper at those online fragrance shops, sometimes they even have discount codes or are running events where everything is discounted. I would say the smell is quite sharp - o describe in words I would say its a citrusy, deep amber, woody, pepper smell. 

Deep Heat
I've been doing some long hours at work and this cream/paste is a life saver. I'm not the best one for sitting correctly at my desk when I'm at work. I'm more of a take my shoes off and cross my feet under my bum and sit forward kinda guy - which does nothing for my back - so normally when I get up to do something or get ready to go home - I'm aching all over! For those of you who are not sure about it. So you apply it to the affected area (in my case my lower back) and it will get very warm - sometimes I find it a little uncomfortable, but bearable and it absolutely stinks of eucalyptus and hospital smells (yes a very imaginable way to describe it) but it does work and I would highly recommend it if your aching or have sore muscles. They even recommend it for small or minor sports injuries.

Starbucks Frappuccinos  
Since I moved to England - I have been a big fan of these. We don't really have Starbucks stores where I lived in Scotland (as it was the middle of nowhere) so I instantly took a liking to these when I moved. My favourite during the Summer would have to be the Mocha Cookie Crumble - but it is rather sickly so sometimes I switch back to my all year go to frap - which is a Caramel, Coffee Frap - I love this one - as it has just the right amount of caramel so that it takes the edge of the coffee and its not bitter. I'm not really a coffee lover (I know shock, horror) but since having these ... I'm coming around.

EAT. Simple Chicken Salad
There are not may EAT. restuarants/shops around this area so when I walked past one I took the chance to go in and try their food - as it's marketed that there food is healthy, and amazing so I wanted to try it for myself. I had the Simple Chicken Salad - and as you can see by the picture it was amazing. I was a bit worried - as many of there sandwiches have rocket it, so I was expecting some in the salad - but no it was good.

There we have it ... another month done and gone ... I really don't know where the time is going. Soon it will be Christmas (but I won't get into that ... yet). 

Hope you enjoyed the post ... apologies again that it was so long ... I need to get an editor or something so they can stop me from rambling on and on and on ...

Happy Blogging!

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