Sunday 7 September 2014

Healthy Eating - Part 2

Following on from my first healthy eating post - which you can check out here if you didn't see it. 

For many people - it's a mission to get up in the morning ... Especially if your like me and get up at 4am - which is not (I repeat not) a normal 'get-up' time.

A handy tip I have learnt is to keep breakfast things at work. That way if your running late, or want to lay in bed that extra 10 minutes checking Facebook or Twitter - this works a treat. I take a loaf of bread to work on the Monday and as long as no one steals it - this will last me the whole week. 

I pop a couple of slices in the toaster and luckily work supplies butter and there you have it - a quick simple breakfast, pair it with a cup of english breakfast tea and your set for the day ahead.

warburtons seeded batch loaf

I'm loving this bread at the moment and this is the bread I take into work - it's the 'Seeded Batch Loaf' from Warburtons. I can't actually remember the first time I tried it - I remember staying at my grandmothers and there was no white bread, all she had was this and I tried it and really liked it. That must have been 6 or 7 years ago ... but I don't think this bread has been out that long - I may be mistaken!?

Anyway back to the present - you can get a small loaf or a larger loaf (this is the larger loaf) pictured above. The bread is very soft - Warburtons mention on their website that they cook there loafs so the sides touch together which means it doesn't harden as much on the outside when cooking. The name 'seeded' comes about as there are five seeds throughout the loaf - linseed, millet, poppy, sunflower and sesame.

The bread is low in fat (4.1g per slice) which is 6% of your recommended daily allowance and is high in fibre (2.7g per slice) which is 11% - so if you have two slices (and this works the way I think it does) thats 22% which is nearly a quarter of your daily allowance.

There are low cost alternatives - I'll be honest and tell you I'm a bit of a snob and will always buy Warburtons but the shops do their own brand of seeded batch loaf and I think the bakery near me does something similar also.

Anyway something to think about when your thinking about what to have for breakfast. A couple of slices of toast and your 1/4 of the way to fulfilling your fibre intake for the day. And it's yummy too!

I buy this product from Tesco and it costs me (normally) £0.85 - it may vary in price.

What breakfast foods do you eat in the morning?

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