Wednesday 24 September 2014

The Collective Dairy: Live Gourmet Yoghurts

collective dairy luscious lemon passion fruit

No words can describe these yoghurts!


I was going to leave the blog there and publish it ...

A few months ago I popped into Sainsbury's for some food for dinner and came across some yoghurts by The Collective Dairy - at the time Sainsbury's had only had three flavours, they were the passion fruit (pictured above), a raspberry and amaretto flavour, and a Russian fudge flavour. 

Out of the three my favourite had to be the passion fruit - I don't know why but its just sweet, reminds me of exotic(ness) and tropical islands and combined with the plain natural yoghurt made it amazing.

yoghurt, passion, fruit, passionfruit

I then popped into Waitrose in Berkhamsted a couple of weeks ago and discovered a range of different flavours - I did not know about these (having never visited their website) and I got rather overexcited at the fridge section where they were. That much that a woman who was also looking started talking about them and telling me which one she had tried.

I can't remember all the flavours - but the had luscious lemon which is just like lemon curd with natural yoghurt - yummmmm! (that's in the first picture above). There was also a creme brûlée one, a lime and coconut special edition flavour (which I think might be finished now, maybe not) and scottish raspberry.

I picked up the luscious lemon as that was the most appealing to me as you don't often see a lemon yoghurt on the shelves ... I know there are some lemon mousses knocking around but not normally yoghurts.

lemon yoghurt luscious collective dairy

The lemon one wasn't sour as I expected, almost sweet but you could definitely taste the lemon without a doubt. The only complaint I would make is that the tubs are so big and I end up eating the whole tub and then feeling a little bit sick (my own fault of course).

I also think that the balance of the lemon with the amount of natural yoghurt is just right. Lots of people I know complain that there isn't alot of the flavour, and it's all just plain yoghurt but I think there just being picky if I'm honest. You don't want too much flavour as it just gets out of hand and overpowering. Sometimes I even like to eat around the lemon if I'm in the mood for some plain yoghurt.

Overall I enjoyed these yoghurts and always have 1 or 2 in the fridge now. If you haven't tried them before I highly suggest you do. There also great with fresh fruit - just chop up a mixture of different fruit and spoon a couple dollops of your favourite flavour on top and enjoy :)

They also do a range of milkshakes, fruit pouches you suck on, also I noticed they do large tubs of plain yoghurt without anything in apart from the yoghurt obviously - so theres something for everyone!!

You can visit their website to get an idea of the flavours or what other products they do.

I purchased these from Waitrose:

The Collective Dairy: Luscious Lemon - £2.39
The Collective Dairy: Passion fruit - £2.39

Let me know if you've tried them and what your favourite flavour is :)

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