Friday 10 October 2014

#Blogtober14 - Day 10 - I Never Thought Blogging Would ...?

I Never Thought Blogging Would ...?

This is quite a good one ...

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I've only been blogging a short while (since June) but so far ...

I never thought blogging would ...

> cost me so much (not in a bad way) - but whenever I'm shopping now, I'll pick something up and think 'hey this is a good idea, I can blog about this' or buying a new camera as I'm enjoying taking photographs or the new memory card for my camera ... endless ... but worth it (I'm not complaining) :P

> make me more creative - I was never a creative person at school, truth be told I hated art class however I enjoy trying to find different backgrounds for my photographs around my house or in my garden so that its different and not all the same. Even thinking up new blogs or things that I think would be interesting for you guys to read about.

> introduce me to so many different people/bloggers - it's amazing how many people I've talked to or that I have read their blogs. Obviously I haven't been blogging as much as some of you however I've managed to chat to some people on topics we both have interest in, and its nice when someone comments on your post and you have a chat about it.

> make me more knowledgeable - I have never learnt so much about domain names, Bitly shortening links, Google analytics, Google adsense, Google adwords, Facebook Insights, Twitter trends, Pinterest, Instagram, SEO analysis - the list is endless ...

> become part of my daily routine/life - I have become that invested in my blog that I have a schedule ... which is quite odd for me, and for some people (my friends) who don't understand the concept of a blog etc ... find it rather sad. But it makes my life more easier and organised and I have deadlines to meet which is quite fun I think.

What about you guys?

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