Saturday 11 October 2014

#Blogtober14 - Day 11 - If I Was President

If I was president ...

queen money 10

As I'm from the UK we don't really have a president but we have a queen ... so I'll just pretend the question is: 'what if I was the queen...' lol

I don't have many thoughts if I'm honest - I think perhaps to answer this question properly you would need to follow politics or perhaps know what is going on in the world at the moment (I might be wrong) ...

> I suppose employment is a big issue everywhere - last time I read the news - they were sayng that more people are unemployed than employed people (or something like that). I'd probably want to do something to get those unemployed people working.

> Tax and National Insurance - get rid of it ... I joke - I know they can't get rid of it ... but every month they take so much money and its soul destroying seeing your hard worked hours of your job disappearing from your pay check.

> Now that I've passed my driving test ... I can say that I would love to do something about the roads as some of the roads I drive on daily to get to work are terrible and need resurfaced or the pot holes on the roads. One day I've convinced my suspension in my car is going to break.

> I suppose I could go with the obvious one that everyone normally picks - that would be to send aid to other countries. 

> Use some money for education, as I am Scottish our education in Scotland is different to that of England and so it would be great when going back to University for example you could get some help with tuition. I would love to go back and finish my Nursing but I can't because I'd have to pay my tuition fees and still pay for my bills every month while being a full time student ... it's just impossible.

Anyway that's enough from me on this topic ... what about you guys? What would you do?


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