Tuesday 14 October 2014

#Blogtober14 - Day 14 - Favourite Memory from Childhood

Favourite Memory from Childhood

I had a long hard think about this ... and I can't really think about any 'favourite' childhood memory. There is one memory that sticks with me - and that is one from a Christmas morning a long time ago ...

christmas morning xmas day

I can't remember how old I was - I think maybe 11 or 12 - and we were opening Christmas presents in the living room - all four of us - Mum, Dad, my brother and myself. We had finished opening all our presents and like normal my mum asked us both to go get a black bin bag so we could put all the opened wrapping paper into the bin bag - those were located by our back door into the garden. As we got to the back door there was a further two presents on the floor. They were game boys for us both - 1 each and a couple of games. Pokemon if you must know - arghh! I love Pokemon (that's the gamer side of me :P)

To this day - my mum still maintains that 'Santa' left them by mistake.

That is the memory that sticks with me - probably because I know it was her, but it's funny that she still tells us that it was 'Santa'.

What was your memory?

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