Wednesday 15 October 2014

#Blogtober14 - Day 15 - Favourite Quote & Why?

Favourite Quote & Why?
trust box

Love this picture - The Trust Test :D

If your friends with me on Facebook then you'll know that I post a lot of quotes that I find randomly.

Many of my favourites come from the ABC show Desperate Housewives which has finished now. I loved the quotes from the show. Mary Alice's were the best. This is why I've chosen one of the quotes from the show:

"Once trust is lost, it can be impossible to recover. Of course the truth is: we never know who we can trust. Those we're closest to can betray us, and total strangers can come to our rescue. In the end, most people decide to trust only themselves. It really is the simplest way from getting burned."

I love any quote about trust - because I feel that - trust is the basis of any relationship - as without trust how can there be a relationship. If someone breaks your trust, how do you know there not going to do it again?

I don't live by this quote - I mean it mentions only trusting yourself - which on some level I think is correct and I do. But if you can't be open to trusting someone - such as your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife ... then how can you move forward with your relationship.

Anyway that's my favourite quote (or one of them) what about you guys?

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