Saturday 18 October 2014

#Blogtober14 - Day 18 - Share a Secret About You

Share a Secret About You


To be truthfully honest - I'm a very open person. I don't keep many secrets. I suppose people tell me stuff and tell me not to tell anyone and I don't (normally). But I wouldn't really say that 'gossip' is a 'secret'.

I suppose a secret is something maybe only I know, that no one else knows about. I really for the life of me cannot think of anything.

That being said ... I have a slight control obsession which means I like to know everything and anything that is going on - that is the only thing I can think of ... however I think people know about this as I'm like this at work. But I will just go with that for this blog prompt.

To go into more detail ... I think 'being in control' or to make it sounds nicer 'I like to do everything' - has its good points and bad points!

Good points being - I know that 99% of the time I will do it correct and not have to worry about it and I can do it much more quickly and efficiently.

Bad points being - it's a bit control-freakish, people might get annoyed that there not getting to do something, or maybe they need to practice and I'm just hogging the jobs.

Anyway that's my little secret which I suppose is really just a bad quality of mine :/

Anyhoo onwards and upwards ... until tomorrow ...

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