Friday 3 October 2014

#Blogtober14 - Day 2 - Dream Job

Dream job when you were little/what it is now?


I never really had a 'dream job' - whenever I was asked at school what I wanted to do ... the only thing I could think about to get my career advisor off my back was a 'chef' however I knew nothing about what hours they did or what it entailed.

I did look into a career in IT, but that fizzled out because I couldn't get into student accommodation and so couldn't start my first year - I then became a waiter for a year.

A year later I then decided on adult nursing which I did for one year and passed however couldn't go into second year because I went a bit crazy and didn't pay my rent bills. My parents had to bail me out and I had to pay them back.

I then moved back home and started a job as a Customer Care Advisor in a call centre. That lasted for a year and a bit and then I left to move to England.

I then became a temp supervisor for a warehouse in Reading. I did that for about 6 months and then moved to where I am now as an Administrative Assistant for a logistics company. I cover my manager every so often and help out with them so it looks like I am developing and moving my career forward. My goal would be to be where my manager is eventually. However I don't think I'm ready for the role yet.

To be honest - computers, office work, administrative duties - I have always loved so any career that really involves that would greatly interest me. 

I would maybe consider going back to nursing however looking at cost and everything I don't think I could afford to - what with bills and payments coming out every month.

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