Monday 20 October 2014

#Blogtober14 - Day 20 - Biggest Fear

Biggest Fear

Hey everyone :)

Hope you all had a good weekend! I had a relaxed, chilled out weekend. Spent most of it in PJs lounging around the house.

Today's prompt is quite a dark, dreary one ... mostly due to my fears I think.

I decided to cheat and go with two fears I have ... I probably have alot more but these two stick out like a sore thumb.


cobweb spider

For some reason I hate these evil, small crazy little creatures. Never have I liked them nor will I ever. It's not nice when your sitting on the toilet (try not to picture me on the toilet) and you see a black thing shoot past your feet. Never have a I gotten up so quickly and ran for the door with my trousers round my ankles! There is a spider currently living near my front door so every morning - I open my door, look around the door frame and then run outside hoping it doesn't catch me ... I'm sad I know ... I just hate them!


pumpkin casket

Another fear I have (not sure its an actual fear - okay just goggled it - there is a phobia for it) is death. When I was younger between 15-18 I constantly thought about dying and what happens, and where you go, and do you just cease to exist or do you move on or do you just get forgotten about. It got that bad (because I was thinking about it all the time) that I was waking up during the night screaming and running around the house - my parents got really worried. They sat me down one night and told me I had to stop because it was becoming a problem. It kind of did - I focused on other things and I stopped worrying about it as much. I still think about it sometimes (like now for example) as I'm writing about it. But I know I should enjoy life, and worry about death later on!

What is your biggest fear or fears??

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