Wednesday 22 October 2014

#Blogtober14 - Day 22 - Your Pet Peeves

Your Pet Peeves

coffee rings

Today is an upsetting day. My new iPhone 6 that should have been despatched today and delivered tomorrow has been pushed back due to no stock available. So I decided to cancel with that supplier and order one from the shop in my town (which has stock) however now I've been told I have to wait another 2 days ... I suppose that's better than waiting until 4th November.

Anyway enough of that ... one with today's blog post - pet peeves!

This is a great post - there are so many little things that annoy me so I decided to choose 5 from the top of my head.

> Coffee rings on coffee tables when there are coasters in the middle of the table that would have prevented the ungodly sight and mark.

> Things sticking out of drawers - why not put it away properly and close the drawer properly - why do half a job?!

> Dirty work surfaces - this happens in my house quite alot (I'm in shared accommodation - with 5 other people) and once they've finished cooking in the kitchen - half of them don't clean the surfaces so when I go to cook or bake something - I spend 10 minutes putting dishes in the dishwasher and cleaning work surfaces.

> Peolpe who don't flush the toilet (at work) - This bugs me so much I wan't to scream when it happens. My work employs mostly 18+ staff and yet some people still think its nice to poo or pee and not flush the toilet - sooooooooo disgusting!!!

> Slow walking people - I am a fast walker ... enough said!

So those are my pet peeves - probably could have thought of better ones but that will do for today! My iPhone 6 issue has annoyed me!

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