Thursday 23 October 2014

#Blogtober14 - Day 23 - Favourite Editing Tools

Favourite Editing Tools

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Today is a good day. I just got an email to say that my iPhone 6 is being delivered to the store ... so ... fingers crossed ... I will go pick it up after work :)

Today's blog is about my favourite editing tools for Instagram and my Blog. First we will start with Instagram.


To be honest I don't really used any editing tools but I do have a couple on my iPhone - these are:

> Aviary - a basic editing tool, you can enhance different objects, add effects, add borders/frames, crop, adjust the brightness/hue etc - really good app.
> PicFrame - Similar to InstaCollage and stuff - its like PicMonkey - and you can shape, add, remove photos and have different sizes.
> Camera+ - Gives you more options over the iPhone camera app.
> InstaSize - Uses the iPhone camera to take a Insta-Size photo rather than a long photo the iPhone normally takes.
> Facetune - mostly focuses on your face, this app is amazing. It can smooth your face, whiten your teeth, remove spots - the works!


GIMP - This is available for PC or MAC - I have it on both - to compare it to anything - I've read on other forums that its the cheap version of Paint Shop Pro.

Futur - This is an app from the MAC Store which is like an installable version of pic monkey it doesn't have all the features of PicMonkey though. It makes collages of your photos. You add photos, choose how many pictures you want in the collage and then choose colours, designs, backgrounds.

PicMonkey - I use this for my YouTube channel more than my blog, but I've used it a couple times to try it out. This is a new discovery. I was using the free version but I gave in and paid the £20 GBP to get the Royalty version which adds tons more features. You can make collages, then edit them - with cool designs, cartoon pictures, you can add text, blocks of colour - as its halloween - I've added spider decorations, ghosts, used scary fonts with blood dripping. I've also used the Christmas cartoons too for a Christmas Lush Haul video I did. Well worth using and I highly recommend - even the free version is good. You don't need to pay to use it or have as much features.

What are you favourite apps? Let me know if I'm missing out on anything?!

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