Monday 27 October 2014

#Blogtober14 - Day 27 - A Letter To Your Younger Self

A Letter To Your Younger Self

letter shoutjohn

I feel that this is a very hard blog prompt to do because I'm not sure what to write to my younger self. Should I write a letter warning me about all the crappy things that happened to me or should I write a letter saying how good my life is or should it be a mixture of both. Then I think what's the point in writing a letter telling myself I should do something different (I'm a strong believer in paradoxes) as if I changed something in the past I probably wouldn't be where I am today and I'm happy with where I am. Anyway enough rambling ...

Dear Younger John,

I hope you are well. I'm not sure when this will reach you or what age or what date it is. But your probably working at Hospedia taking calls from people. I just wanted to let you know that even though your going through an awful time in your life right now - it does get better.

Soon your going to hand in your resignation, end that horrible relationship with that abusive parnter of yours and leave Scotland (sounds quite drastic doesn't it). Luckily Isa-Jane is going to take you back to England with her and your going to stay with her for a while and start fresh. This is a great opportunity for you and you should definitely consider it. I know that you wanted to go back to Nursing and finish the degree but you can look at going back to that in a few years time.

What's about to happen is going to change your life - your going to pack everything up into Isa-Jane's car, travel the 6/7 hour journey to Slough, England and live above a pub with her and a lovely lesbian couple and their little dog 'Sookie'. Your going to get a job as a Team Leader in a warehouse and your going to meet some absolutely amazing people who will become your friends. You'll also take on a second part-time job in the pub and pull some pints for the locals all who are really friendly and welcome you with open arms. You'll also have to endure lots of Chelsea matches, band nights and snooker nights - but there all fun so don't worry.

After you've been in Slough for a couple of months you are going to go on a date with a lovely person whom you'll spend the next - well nearly 3 years of your life with come Christmas Eve - yes your anniversary will be on Christmas Eve (isn't that great?! - double presents). He is the most wonderful, lovely, caring person you'll ever meet. That person unfortunately does go away for 3 months in January though to Bulgaria (a month after you meet) but don't worry you'll be okay.

The pub does go through a few changes - meaning Becky and Kim leave, Izzy probably by this time will have left too (I forgot to mention that) and the owners of the pub ask that you find somewhere else to stay. So you decide you want to move closer to Dave and move 40 miles to a lovely countryside place of 'Hemel Hempstead' famous for its 'Magic Roundabout'. You currently have been here for 3 years and are renting a room in shared accommodation (it has its ups and downs) but you have the biggest room and it feels like home. Dave has decided to go to Canada for 8 months so similar to Bulgaria he will be gone for a while but not to worry as I'm sure the time will fly and this blog will keep you busy.

Anyway I know this is alot of to take in ... and it seems really crazy! Don't worry and remember be happy! Because right now at this minute in time - I'm happy. I couldn't be happier. Lovely life, awesome partner, awesome friends, an okay work place ... what work could I wish for :D

Anyway I'm going to finish there as I'm about to watch some Netflix :D

Oh btw don't cancel Netflix when you decide to ... it gets better.

- John


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