Thursday 9 October 2014

#Blogtober14 - Day 9 - Best/Worst Halloween Memory

Best/worst Halloween memory ...?

halloween, pumpkin

Best Memory
When I was younger my parents didn't really take us trick or treating. I think maybe I went a couple of times throughout my years of childhood. However the best thing my brother and I looked forward to - was going to my grandparents as my grandmother made tablet and toffee and treacle and would buy us monkey nuts, tangerines, chocolate coins - you name it - if it was Halloween themed we'd get it - we were really spoiled (not that spoiled-bratty spoiled though).

That's the best thing I looked forward to I think. She passed away a few years back and obviously I grew up but I still miss the tablet, toffee and treacle - my mum makes it sometimes so not all bad.

Worst Memory
Similar to the holiday blog - I can't recall any bad memories around Halloween. I even spent half an hour searching through October Facebook posts for last 3 years to see if I had any bad times over the years and nothing.

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