Friday 31 October 2014

Halloween Cakes

Hey everyone :)

Halloween is a great time for kids and adults too.

I enjoy baking but sometimes there are cakes in shops you just can't make yourself.

Here's are a few that I love to buy every year when it comes around to this time!

cakes for halloween shoutjohn

McVities Toffee Apple Cake - tastes like apples!

McVities Bonfire Toffee Cake - tastes like toffee from toffee apples!

McVities Zingy Orange Spooky Cake Bars - very zingyyyyy!

Mr Kipling Chocolate & Slime Slices - very green!

As I said these are just a few of the cakes I buy around this time of year. I was very disappointed to find out that one of my favourites (I think) has been discontinued as I couldn't find it anywhere this year. 

They were the Mr Kipling Shock and Orange Slices (£1 for 6 slices) they were amazing. Slices of orange with dark chocolate chips sprinkled on top! 

Hope you guys enjoyed the post - I will admit I posted this a bit late - as these products are probably all gone now as its the last day of Halloween - or perhaps shops will reduce them down to get rid of them before Christmas. You might be in luck.

Oh I bought all of these from Tesco, but you can try Asda, Waistrose or Sainsburys too.

Happy Halloween!

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