Wednesday 26 November 2014

Cooking: Bacon & Cheese Turnovers

Hey everyone :)

Hope you all had a great weekend? I worked Saturday and then chilled out on Sunday watching Netflix for most of the day and then went food shopping << very exciting ... not!

Occasionally my work colleagues and I get some food from a local bakery and they have these amazing bacon and cheese turnovers so I thought I would have a go at making them myself.

So you will need:

ingredients for bacon and cheese turnovers

> puff pastry - you can either make your own or cheat and buy store bought like I did
> bacon - buy whatever you like - streaky, smoked, unsmoked, medallions
> cheese - again mild, mature, medium ... whatever you like

I checked out a few recipes online and some people do like to add a slice of tomato - entirely up to you! Some even put a little spread of mustard on the pastry underneath the bacon - you can try that if you want.

Anyway on with the recipe ...

1. If you have store-bought puff pastry - open up the box, take it out, unroll it and lay it flat on the counter top.

1a. If you have made your own - roll out on the counter top until 1cm thick - try and go for a square or rectangle shape as you'll be cutting squares.

cutting pastry squares

2. Using a knife - lightly mark the pastry into sqaures as a guide - once your happy that they are all the same shape use the knife to cut the pastry.

cooking bacon

3. Pop the bacon into a frying pan or under the grill and cook.

pastry square on baking tray with foil

bacon on pastry

cheese on bacon on pastry

sealed bacon and cheese turnovers

4. Place the bacon onto the middle of the pastry square, sprinkle some cheese on top and then grab the two opposite corners of the pastry and bring to the middle and squeeze to keep it together. Do this to them all until finished.

4b. (optional) this would be when you can pop some mustard underneath the bacon or when you add a slice of tomato - as I said I'm not keen on either so I wouldn't do this step.

5. Crack an egg into a cup and add a little milk to create a wash and using a pastry brush brush over the top of all the turnovers - this will give them a brown-golden colour once cooked.

(I actually forgot this step which is why my pastry looks quite pale - they should normally come out a golden brown colour)

5b. (optional) again this is an optional step - but some recipes call for additional cheese on top of the closed turnover. I missed this step as I'm not a fan of too much cheese.

6. You should pre-heat the oven to 180°C and pop the turnovers into the oven - they normally take around 10 minutes - the bacon is already cooked so you just need the puff pastry to cook and the cheese to melt - so after 10 minutes check to make sure they are okay and leave for a further 5 minutes if required.

7. Once done take out the oven and plate onto a serving plate or let cool and put into an airtight box.

finished bacon and cheese turnovers by shoutjohn

finished bacon and cheese turnovers by shoutjohn

finished bacon and cheese turnovers by shoutjohn

finished bacon and cheese turnovers by shoutjohn

Hope you enjoyed the recipe!

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