Sunday 16 November 2014

LUSH: Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub

I was in Lush a couple of weeks ago in Milton Keynes and I picked up this amazing shower scrub. Check out their twitter here: @Lush_MK

lush rub rub rub scrub

It's called the Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub and costs £8.50 for a pot (330g). Some people may think this is a tad expensive - but for a product that freshly made with natural ingredients it's well worth it.

Lush are known for their stand against animal testing and so all of their products are not tested on animals and they also check that anyone they buy anything from (ie their suppliers) do not test on animals either.

Lush also use natural ingredients in all their products as well as a few safe synthetic ingredients. All their products are handmade and you always get a little sticker on the pot or product packaging to say who made it and when it was made. Which I think is quite cool.

Anyway enough background information and back to the product. I ended up in Lush and I knew I shouldn't have because I always go crazy when I'm in shops like these. I even spied some birthday presents when I was in there ... so I know I'm going to go back at some point. 

What I also like about Lush is the friendliness of the staff. I have to admit every Lush shop I've been in ... the staff have been very friendly and always offer to help if you need it. The Milton Keynes' store was no exception. I'm bad with names but we were greeted at the front door by one girl. Then as I headed to the back of the shop - a cute guy (shhh don't tell my otherhalf) asked us if we needed anything. As I moved further into the shop so I could find the scrub another girl at the counter popped her head round and asked if I needed anything. I know that some people always complain that they hate getting bothered by staff but I love it ... as it makes you feel like they're actually trying to help you and get you what you want. 

I've realised I've just rambled on for a paragraph about the staff ... this was supposed to be a short post. 

rub rub rub scrub

The product is blue in colour as you can see above. It's very soft for a scrub and is very salty (I got some in my mouth by mistake). 

The scrub can be used before or after you get in the shower. I prefer to use it while I'm in the shower. I just get myself wet, move the shower off me and apply all over my body, scrubbing a little harder on those problem area such as my elbows or my heels. 

You can also use it on your hair to give it some shine and volume. The sea salt in the scrub is really good for your scalp and the lemon juice gives your hair a nice shine.

The scrub I thought is very runny when in the tub, but once applied (as you can see below) it does thicken up and clings to your skin.

rub rub rub scrub

All in all a good product of Lush and one that I will definitely buy again. Its a product that you can use for your body or your hair which is a big plus!

Let me know if your a fan our Lush products and if I should try any :)


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