Monday 3 November 2014

October Favourites

Hey everyone :)

Hope you are all well. Can you believe we are at the end of October already. Next thing we know it will be New Year (but I'm not wishing the year away). I hope it goes slow. It's my first year driving in Winter and apparently Britain is in for the worst winter ever (not holding my breath though as the weather people are normally wrong).

It's the end of the month (and you know what that means) OCTOBER FAVOURITES! YAY!

october favourites john agnew

1. The Dairy Collective: Spiced Pumpkin Live Gourmet Yoghurt - I think I may have raved about this on Twitter & Instagram but I can't get enough of it and unfortunately its Limited Edition and a seasonal item so it's probably gone now and I've just finished another tub off. 

2. Autumn - Not really a favourite that I can use or have used but it's a season: Autumn. It's probably my second favourite season. I love going walks and seeing all the trees and their different shades of leaves (going from green to golden yellow and then brown) before falling to the ground and covering the grass like a sea of brown water (great simile eh?!). 

3. Lush: Snow Fairy Shower Gel - Another seasonal item and not Autumn (it's a Christmas Limited Edition item) I know your probably gasping that I dare mention Christmas and it's not even Halloween yet. I'm sorry! But I love Christmas and Winter so much! I got this when I ordered my Lush box a month or so ago. It smells like candy floss and is so sweet. Some people might say too sweet but I love it. The smell also lasts for ages. I used it on Monday night and my bathroom still smells of it the next day around 6pm - its amazing stuff.

4. Nivea Soft Hand Cream  - I got this as a free sample from Nivea and used it for a week or so then somehow managed to put the tub through my washing machine. #sadface I don't know if you can buy the smaller tubs in shops but I know you can get a larger tub in Tesco at the moment (it's on special for £2.39 down from £4.50). The link will take you to a tube of the same product from Boots if your interested and want to check it out.

5. Glade Apple Cinnamon Candle - I got this candle in my local corner shop and loved it. As its getting nearer Christmas and the days are getting darker quicker. It's nice to put on a candle and leave it burning away in the corner. I also feel like it makes the room more cosier and homely. The smell is also very Christmasy (I know shoot me again for mentioning Christmas) but you can also associate the Apples with Halloween so its all good.

6. Selfie  - ABC premiered a show called 'Selfie' and as you can guess is basically about a social media obsessed girl who has more 'followers' on social networks that actual real friends. The comedy/sit-com is about how Eliza (the main character, you'll recognise her from Doctor Who as Amy Pond) takes herself away from the digital world and connects with real people in her day-to-day life normally with funny or embarrassing consequences. I enjoy the show - its only about 25 mins long each week. However I think from what I read on a few websites - ratings aren't doing so well and they don't expect it to be renewed for another season. But we'll wait and see. Defo worth a watch - even just watch the first episode and see what you think. 

That's all my favourites for this month - quite a short and simple blog this month as I didn't want to talk/type too much. Let me know if you've tried any of the above or if you have similar interests - I'm always happy to meet people who like the same things as me.

Happy Blogging!

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