Wednesday 19 November 2014

The Writing Process Tag

Hey everyone :)

It still feels odd that I'm not blogging everyday! I feel out of touch with the blogging community.

I'm hoping someone maybe Helene (hint, hint) might do  Blogmas 2014 lol :D

I was very busy last week as it was my first week back after my holiday and it was a hectic week! Obviously due to my work's social media policy I won't ramble on about all the issues but lets just say by Friday I wanted to pull all my hair out and jump of a cliff! I was glad of the weekend and a couple of days off.

Anyway enough about that ... For some reason Twitter did not tell me about a notification I received last Thursday (so I apologise for the lateness of this blog/tag) I just happened to be scrolling through my feed and saw the tweet from Becky. So Becky (you can check her blog out here) has tagged me to do the 'Writing Process Tag' - thanks for that :D

Now luckily I have been to University and so I'm familiar (not too familiar) with the writing process and what it means. So I feel I'm off to a good start. It still didn't stop me from googling the term 'writing process' though. (At least I'm being honest with you guys).

From what I've gathered so far - for this tag there are four questions - so I'll do my best to answer them:

1. What I'm working on ...

Does this question have a simple answer? It really depends on a few things. If my life (work/social) are quiet then I spend a great deal of time on my blog and I plan my blogs, and work out when I'll post them and brainstorm ideas for what I can do later on in the month. But if work is busy or I have many plans during the week while I am off then I don't tend to blog much (which I think is a shame cos I feel like I have made a commitment to blog and I shouldn't slack off).

To answer the question simply. I'm currently working on a few things. I was trying to do a blog serious on healthy eating ... I'm still writing part 3 - it's taking longer than I thought. Then I have the smaller posts I do about reviews and things then I have the idea blogs which sit in the back burner and haven't made it to the 'start writing that blog post' pile yet.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre ...

Tricky question ... I suppose I could start with - I'm a guy :P who blogs about everything and anything. I knit (very girly I know), I use girly beauty products to see if they are good for guys, I buy girly magazines to keep up with changing fashions and whats trending. I like to put my own spin on things. I always find it funny as I feel maybe some girl is reading my blog a million miles away and cringing because I'm using the wrong terminology or I'm doing something - maybe she does all the time - the wrong way. Lastly their my opinions which I think makes my work different. It's not like I've gone onto another blog and copied it and then blogged about the same thing.

3. Why do I write ...

The main reason - because I enjoy doing it. I find it really enjoyable to research, write up drafts, re-write, proof read and then post a post on my blog. It's like being back in English class at school. I also feel that because I read other people's blogs and take their information away with me - that I should give back something to the blogging community and that comes in the form of my blog :)

4. How does my writing process work ...

It depends how I feel about a particular product or whatever I am writing about. If its something I feel strongly about I can write the post in a day and edit it, and post. On some posts I have spent nearly a month preparing them either due to the length of information or because it involved me testing a product for a certain amount of time so I could give the best results about it. I then have some posts that are ongoing or that I write part of, then throw it on the back-burner and leave it for a few weeks.

I haven't had a chance to nominate/choose anyone for the post so I choose anyone that wants to do it :)

Hope you all enjoyed the post and again - sorry for taking sooooooo long to post it.

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