Wednesday 10 December 2014

Birthday Time

Hey everyone :)

happy birthday john shoutjohn 2014

I mentioned in another post that my birthday was yesterday. I'm the ripe old age of 24 now. 

I've been asking myself questions like: 'where has the time gone' and 'back in my day' ... I need to get a grip.

I think it's time I re-evaluate my life and where it is going. 

Anyway as you all know (or if you didn't) I am a big gamer. Destiny (the game I've been playing by Bungie (the makers of Halo) released their first expansion 'The Dark Below' at 9am GMT and I woke up around 9.30am yesterday morning so I jumped out of bed and switched the PS3 on, within minutes I was doing the new story missions, getting some new armour and the completing he new strikes. 

I'll probably do a blog post on that so I won't bore you with all the gamer-speak on this post.

I played Destiny until around 1.30pm and then realised I hadn't showered, brushed my teeth, drank anything or even ate anything ... I know very disgusting. So I showered, brushed my teeth and Dave came round - we were planning on heading out straight away for food.

So this year I made the decision, much to my other-halfs constant arguing that we were not, I repeat not, not, not doing birthday or Christmas presents. Mainly for 2 reason: 1. I couldn't really afford it because last year I bought my car and that meant I had car tax, service and insurance all in one month which for those of you who don't own a car that's about £800 gone like that (thank goodness for credit cards) and 2. He is going to Canada for 8 months to teach snowboarding on a mountain so he shouldn't have been here for my birthday (his visa didn't come through in time) or Christmas.

Anyway he arrived with a box full of birthday and Christmas presents << cue not amused John!

I know its the thought that counts - but now I feel bad that I actually didn't get him anything.

He got me a few little things I had been looking at leading up to Christmas.

shoutjohn birthday december presents

1. I got a Minecraft pig plush.
2. Jamie's Comfort Food cookbook.
3. Some pink and white mice candies
4. Some snowies (or you might know them as jazzles)

He also lastly gave me his chain he's had for about 10 years which now resides on my neck. I've not had a chain on for years and years so it's going to take some getting used to again.

After the present giving we headed out and I decided I wanted Wagamamas << I freaking love this place. If they had a part-time job going I'd go for it just so I could work and eat there all the time lol

We enjoyed our lunch/dinner there - again I'll probably do another blog post about that as I don't want to bore you with food rambling.

Then we wandered round St. Albans - they currently have a little Christmas Market near the cathedral. They have little huts and people who are selling all kinds of different things. I saw wooden furniture and ornamants, hand-knitted hats and gloves and jumpers, jams, marmalades, mulled wine stalls ... the list goes on ... Defo worth checking out if you live near. I didn't manage to get any pictures as it was too cold to take my hands out my jacket. We then headed out to the shopping centre and had a wander round there, then headed home.

For the rest of the evening we chilled out - played more Destiny and I spent some time writing a blog post up for you guys.

Then eventually I feel asleep and before you know it my birthday was over and it was today.

Hope you guys all had a wonderful 9th December ... I did ... even if I am 24 ... 1 more year until I'm a 1/4 of a century - arghhhhhhhh!

shoutjohn birthday 9th december 2014
Card from my Nana (who passed away a couple of days ago), RIP

shoutjohn birthday 9th december 2014
Card from my brother.

shoutjohn birthday 9th december 2014
Card from my other-half, Dave

shoutjohn birthday 9th december 2014
Card from my Mum and Dad

shoutjohn birthday 9th december 2014
Card from my Aunty Jaci

Quite a relaxing day if I'm honest but I still maintain that the older you get the less fun your birthdays are :)

Toodlepip :)

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