Tuesday 23 December 2014

Maybelline Baby Lips

Hey everyone :)

It's nearing Winter and it's getting chilly and there is a nip in the air.

I can tell because my lips are getting dry and unbearable. Don't you just hate it when you sitting at work - staring into your computer and chewing on your lip - next thing you feel a sting and you've tore a little bit of your skin off ... ouch! << I've done this numerous times since around the middle of November and its starting to get on my nerves!

Bring out the lip balms << the saviours!

Now I've been a big fan of Vaseline - from when I was in secondary school ... to even now where I still use it. However I always end up putting it through the washing machine and wasting it.

maybelline baby lips 3 kinds

I can't remember exactly where I saw these - it might have been an advert on television or if I remember correctly my manager uses one or two different ones.

I was hesitant at first to purchase them because they aren't cheap but you could probably tell that from the name of the brand. Although I'm not saying they are expensive either but I've saw a few of my friends eyebrows raise when I told them how much I spent on them. 

So they are £2.99 each in Boots - you might be able to find them cheaper elsewhere - but I shop in Boots so we will go with their prices. Now luckily when I purchased these Boots had their 3 for 2 deal on - which I didn't know until I got to the counter - luckily the woman told me (or it was probably her till) so I went and got a third from the shelf.

maybelline baby lips balm cherry hydrate mint fresh

I bought:

maybelline baby lips balm cherry me, hydrate, mint fresh

I really like these lip balms as not only do they give moisture to your lips but they keep them moisturised for up to 8 hours and have added SPF20 so you can take them on holiday with you or even out in the UK weather (when its actually sunny - so never) lol.

They come in a range of different flavours and colours - I only have 3 here but if you check out Boots or the Maybelline website or even just google 'maybelline lip balm' you'll see all the different ones you can get.

The main reason I went to buy another one was that I originally bought one from Boots a few weeks ago and I lost it. Or so I thought after buying these 3 (well 2) I found it in my coat pocket. It's my favourite at the moment - it's the yellow colour (intense care) which has really been helping my lips this Winter. I've also somehow managed to catch a throat/cough bug so my lips are dryer than ever but this lip balm works like a miracle.

I normally like to try out anything I've planning on blogging about for a couple of weeks so I can give an honest opinion but with this particular product - the effects were instant or more or less visible after a day or two.

So yes ... I recommended buy ... The boots 3 for 2 deal normally last ages - so get yourself down to your local Boots or order online :)

Till next time!

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