Friday 12 December 2014

Mugs, Mugs, Mugs

Hey everyone :)

Just a quick post today to say I popped over to Watford the other night to Sainsburys as I was bored and you all know how I love to spend money when I'm bored. (a big issue for me - trying to work on it)

sainsburys mugs

I originally went in to look for the 'Christmas Pud' Collective Dairy Yoghurt ... but I couldn't find it ... next thing I was in the homeware aisle and spotted these mugs ... there was another colour - I think black and white ... but I liked these two the best.

There £3.50 each - which I think is okay for the size of the cup. The handle is a good size too so that you can comfortably grasp the cup in your hand which is a good thing for me :) As I love my tea!

Anyway short and sweet post guys! Catch you later!

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