Tuesday 2 December 2014

November 'Food' Favourites

Hey everyone :)

I thought I would shake things up a little this month and do a 'food' favourite post instead of favourite things from this month.

november food favourites

1. First of all I love dipping - crisps, chips, wedges you name it I'll dip it! There are different brands out there I normally get the Blue Dragon Chinese Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce but I really enjoyed the little dipping pots you get with the Dominoes Pizzas and so I bought a larger bottle of the Heinz Sweet Chilli Sauce and it really is good! I love it with the McCains Garlic Wedges!

2. There is one thing I can't go without every morning - a good cup of English Breakfast Tea! The warehouse I work in stocks Starbucks stock and we get free tea/coffee. They have really strong tea called 'Awake English Breakfast Tea' and it definitely does wake you up. It's made by Tazo and if my knowledge serves me well Starbucks bought Tazo awhile ago ... I might be wrong though.

3. I've started buying Soya Milk to see if I liked it and I started out with the Chocolate flavour. It's really good - I've been watching Gabriella Lindley's videos (velvetgh0st)'s videos and she's always ranting and raving about the stuff and says its amazing - although thinking about it now - I think that might be almond, chocolate milk - not soya chocolate. I need to have a look later on ...

4. Whenever I needed garlic butter you know to make garlic bread. I always got some butter and crushed garlic and mixed the two. Only when I moved to England did I discover supermarkets do garlic butter portions (not that I'm saying you can't get them in Scotland but there is more choice here). They are great to put over your pizza before you put in the oven or over a pasta bake just before its ready to be served ... YUM! I found the Meadow Churn Garlic Butter portions to be the best!

5. I try to keep my sugary sweets to a minimum and honestly last week and the week before I was doing well. I had the odd biscuit here and there but for the most part I did good. I was shopping in Asda and found Hershey's Cherry Twizzlers! I've always seen these things on American films and thought I want to try them and that was years ago when we didn't really stock any American food here but now supermarkets have small shelfs of American food and so I found these and immediately popped a couple of bags into my basket.

6. Another golden-oldie I found (well I used to have it when I was young) that I found in Asda - BARR's Cherryade! I hadn't had this stuff in god knows how many years! It's still full of flavour and I think it still tastes the same unlike all those other foods/drinks that taste nothing like they used too.

That's all my food favourites for this month - have you got any or tried any of the above let me know in the comments lovely people :D

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