Friday 6 February 2015

Body Shop Born Lippy Lip Balms

Hey everyone :)

So it's still cold outside - I got into the car this morning and it was -6℃ - this is one of the perks of getting up at 4.30am (can you feel the sarcasm right now?).

With it being so cold - my lips and face don't appreciate the harsh, freezing temperatures (okay I'm slightly exaggerating) but my lips are cracked and I'm terrible for chewing on them when they're like this.

For Christmas I bought myself one of the Body Shop Lip Balm Lollipops - it was supposed to be a Christmas present for someone but I liked it that much that I kept it for myself.

You basically get a colourful red/white lollipop which has 5 great-tasting and colourful lip balms.

body shop lip balm lollipop christmas

There are 5 flavours:

> Passionberry
> Strawberry
> Watermelon
> Satsuma Shimmer
> Raspberry

I got them discounted and in a Christmas-themed decorated lollipop but they are available at Body Shop throughout the year for £2 each which is great and they last for ages (unless your one of those crazy people that applies every 2 seconds).


shoutjohn bodyshop lip balm

First of all the strawberry leaves a lovely pinkish glow on your lips and tastes great. It's silky smooth and gives your lips a sheen.

Satsuma Shimmer:

shoutjohn bodyshop lip balm

This smell reminds me more of a satsuma peel rather than the orange itself (not a bad thing) and is very shimmery - so probably not one (as a guy) that I would wear out. Being very orangey it doesn't leave any colour on your lips and is very neutral - its more the gold shimmer you see when your lips hit the light.


shoutjohn bodyshop lip balm

Passionberry is by far one of my favourite of the 5 - it's a purple colour and I do love a good shade of purple - however don't let that put you off as it doesn't make your lips purple (quite the opposite in fact). I did find it a little sticky (for girls that may be an issue with longer hair) but not for me :) It tastes and smells amazing.


shoutjohn bodyshop lip balm

I have seen lots of negative reviews about the Raspberry flavour of lip balm. However I found that is was very sweet, smelt like raspberries and gives your lips a pinkish-red glow.


shoutjohn bodyshop lip balm

The watermelon lip balm is a very subtle lip balm (in colour) but does leave your lips with a nice shine. The flavour is also very water-melony and reminds me of the watermelon bubblegum you used to be able to buy.

You can find the lip balms on the Body Shop website HERE.

Hope you enjoyed the post - let me know if you have bought any or tried any of these before.

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