Friday 13 February 2015

Valentine's Past!

Hey everyone :)

I wasn't going to write any posts today - I thought I would take a break and film my YT video for tomorrow however I find myself waiting for my shortbread biscuits to cook so why not eh?

So it's Valentine's Day tomorrow - and I had to remind myself that - if it wasn't for the Facebook posts and the masses of memorabilia in the supermarkets then I probably would have forgotten - but wait you say ... don't you have a boyfriend John?! I do but this year he's in Canada until May so I won't be celebrating it. I talked about this in a recent post - you can check that out HERE. I completely shoved it out my mind - that much that I didn't have any Valentine's posts planned and I had spent most of last weekend researching and preparing them.

There's lots of talk around Valentine's Day! Some people love it - and treat it like a proper holiday (like Christmas) and shower their partner with gifts like there is no tomorrow and the world is ending - and others - just think its businesses taking advantage and stealing all our money about a holiday that isn't even really a holiday (similar to all these 'national hump day' or 'national nutella day' or national steak and blowjob day'). 

So I decided to link up with Helen from HeleneInBetween & Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars and do a post on my past Valentine's Day experiences :)

The first year (again) Dave and myself were not physically in the same country - he went to Bulgaria in January for 3 months and we had only just started 'going out' so apart from a text and Skype call the first year was ... slightly boring.

The second year was rather more exciting. We had been together for around a year and 2-3 months and I'm known to be really impulsive and so I ended up maxing a credit card out (I won't go into detail - needless to say I spend about 6 months paying it off) and bought us both tickets to Rome in Italy. This was partly more for me as this was my first holiday abroad and my first time on a plane and obviously I wanted to take Dave. I know I have nothing to compare it to - being my first 'abroad' holiday but I had the best time of my life. I love plane takeoffs - they are AMAZING!

rome trip

rome trip

rome trip

rome trip

This isn't the best part (well you might think it is) Dave's present to me ... was a Kenwood Food Mixer - something I've been wanting for the last 5 or 6 years but due to their cost (they range from £200-£500) I couldn't justify spending money on it. I was actually more happy and excited about the food mixer than the holiday to Rome < yes I'm sad! 

Last year was rather odd - for the life of me I couldn't remember what we did - so I took to my Facebook and wound back time to February 2014 - apart from wishing everyone a 'Happy Valentine's Day' *blowing heart emoji* - that's all we did. Around this time last year the town we live near - 'Kings Langley' had their name and town signs changed to Kings Landing for the release of the Game of Thrones DVD. The sign stayed like this for a week or so I think and then it was auctioned off to someone. I think we did do cards, a couple of presents and a meal.

kings landing sign

This year will be our fourth Valentines but as I said he is in Canada so again we will probably text and Skype and that will be it - no Valentine's Day sex for us (yes sorry I have a dirty mind) #sorrynotsorry

If I'm truthfully honest -  now that we are settled as a couple (the honeymoon period has subsided) we are quite happy treating it as a normal day (I only speak for myself here) - I mean a card is cool and maybe a small present or going out for a meal is great! But that's about it for us! I think it's better to save or keep money for bigger holidays such as Christmas or our birthdays or holidays abroad (we're going to Spain with friends this year).

Anyway I hope you enjoyed a little delve into my (our) past and let me know if your past Valentine's Days are better or worse than the year before or if they get boring after you've settled down with your other-half!

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