Friday 13 March 2015

ASOS Wishlist

Hey everyone :)

So I will be honest and admit that I have a slight obsession with ASOS. I think it's because they have millions and millions of items and I can look for hours and hours and still not get the end of a category.

ASOS Smart Shirt in Long Sleeve with Block Check - £22.00
I don't know why but I love checked shirts or tartan-inspired shirts - they look cool and they're are so many different colours and designs available. If you were to look in my wardrobe most of my 'going-out' shirts are checked. I have a slight obsession - shh!

New Look Skinny Fit Jeans - £14.99
I used to hate skinny jeans with a passion! But I slowly started coming around after trying on a pair on the off-chance I would like them and I did! I don't make a habit out of wearing them - I prefer some room and don't like clothes clinging to me too tightly but they're good for a night out - only bad thing is that it's a struggle to get your wallet, phone and keys in the pockets when they're so tight.

Converse All Star Ox Plimsolls - £45.00
Nearly every outfit I put together always, always includes converse - I told myself I need to get out of my 'converse-comfort-zone' and try some different trainers but I always find myself coming back to look at them. They're just so comfortable and there are that many colours that they almost go with anything.

ASOS Leather Wallet with Heavy Stitch - £12.00
I really like the 'big stitch' designs on accessories at the moment - especially this wallet. I'm not a fan of leather in particular - but with the white stitch design around the edge sealed the deal for me.

Persol Wayfarer Glasses - £175.00
I wore glasses when I was younger which corrected my vision and I've not needed them since. However I like the look glasses give you and on my last eyesight test they said I didn't need them but I could get them for using the computer (as I get a sore head sometimes) and so I got a pair of RayBans and loved them. So I'm always on the lookout for new glasses to try.

Let me know what you think? Do you think it's a good outfit or a bit too dull? I'm really into my greys, blacks and whites at the moment (as you can probably tell lol).

Hope your having a great Thursday!

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