Tuesday 17 March 2015

Mr Bean Coffee Scrub Review

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Mr Bean Coffee Scrub Review

I bought this product last year as I was looking for a good body scrub and I happened to be watching a YouTuber (Joey Graceffa) and he had it in one of his monthly favourites videos and he said it was a really good product and he loved it - so I popped onto their website and bought myself some - it comes in at £13.95 - but depending on where you are in the world - shipping charges will vary - mine was only £2.

Mr Bean Coffee Scrub Review

There are three available to purchase:

- Coconut Coffee Scrub
- Mandarin Coffee Scrub (pictured above)
- Mr Bean Coffee Scrub (MAN)

Mr Bean Coffee Scrub Review

Ingredients include:

- Robusta Coffee Beans
- Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
- Himalayan Pink Rock Salt
- Demerara Sugar
- Organic Cacao
- Vitamin E Oil

So the main attraction to the scrub is that its made of coffee beans - so for those coffee lovers out there - if you love coffee and the smell of coffee then you will love this - you're basically just scrubbing your skin with coffee grounds and you get that wonderful coffee smell (with lots of added benefits).

Mr Bean Coffee Scrub Review

There are many different benefits from each of the ingredients - I will try break them down:

Caffeine (from the coffee beans) - stimulates blood flow
Coconut Oil - hydrates and moisturises your skin
Himalayan Pink Rock Salt & Demarara Sugar - exfoliates the skin and help remove dead cells, blackheads, blemishes etc
Cacao & Vitamin E - both are high in antioxidants which help to protect skin and promote cell repair

When showering - I find it easy to do my hair, get wet and then apply and scrub - it's best to keep the shower hose off you while you do it otherwise most of the scrub washes off quickly before you have time to scrub. I did notice that it the scrub leaves your skin a slight brown shade so afterwards I use a shower gel and body puff just to wash that brown colour off.

I will say that the idea of a coffee scrub attracted me more than the actual benefits - but with all the above benefits and the smell of coffee (and mandarins for me) it's a great combo!

I have included pictures of the scrub on my hand as I didn't want to take pictures of me naked in the shower - which you can view above. If you want any further information or want to the buy the product then you can click HERE to go to the main website for them.

Have you ever tried a coffee-based scrub or something similar? Did you love the smell more than the actual scrub itself? Let me know in the comments below!

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