Thursday 19 March 2015

OnePiece Clothing Range

Hey everyone :)

I was watching a YouTube video the other day and one of the guys had a hoodie on that I really liked the look off - and the quality of the video was good enough for me to pause and zoom in so I could get the make off the zipper - I could be a private investigator lol).

So I visited the website and fell in love with their clothes. They are called OnePiece - most of the clothing is Jumpsuits (or onsies as you might know them) and they also have a small range of hoodies, t-shirts, vest and other items.

You can check out the full range HERE.

I put together a little wishlist of my favorite items - they also had a ton of sale items - so I might actually end up buying from them:


Everyday Zip Hoodie Grey Melange - £59
This was the hoodie I saw on the YouTube video. The reason I love these hoodies as much is because the zipper is on the hood too! I also like that it's a plain grey with a hint of black and not too 'colourful'.

Diamond JumpSuit Snow White - £129
I've been a big fan of these for years - although I only have two as I only wear them around the house. However this is very colourful (compared to the hoodie) and I really like the design and colours on this.

New York Long Hoodie Heavy Grey Melange - £79
This is a very unusual hoodie and you don't really see many of these longer length types around the UK. I think this is more a US thing. That doesn't bother me though. I like the idea of a longer length one and this would probably be part of my first purchases if I buy anything.

Cape Town Tank Top Blue Melange - £29
I never really used to wear vests but I'm starting to fall in love with them. I had a bit of a shopping spree in H&M last year when they had a summer sale during Winter to get rid of their excess summer stock and I went a bit crazy and bought lots of vests. They're comfortable, not too constricting and there are thousands of designs.

Let me know if you have ever heard of OnePiece - as I said it's more of an American company so I don't think it's very well known in the UK - but they're worth checking out!

Images: OnePiece
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