Wednesday 4 March 2015

"Schuh" Wishlist

Hey everyone :)

When I'm on a budget month (where I'm not allowed big spends - only essentials like petrol, food etc) I do lots of online-window shopping - which is similar to window shopping but it's online (obviously - like you couldn't figure that out).

One of my favourite online retailers is Schuh - over the years I've bought lots of shoes from there and so it's only fitting I put together a little wishlist.

shoes shoes shoes
1) Mens Purple Vans Classic Slip on Trainers - £47
2) Mens Navy & Red Crisis Trainers - £60
3) Mens Navy Toms Avalon Sneaker Shoes - £45
4) Mens Dark Grey DC Shoes Spartan - £70

Let me know if you have similar shoes or would consider buying any of these?!

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