Friday 3 April 2015

Business Cards

I spend lots of money ... if you could see my bank accounts - you'd probably cut them up and lock me up so I didn't spend as much ...

I'm a sucker of things I don't really need ... so when I was browsing my Facebook feed and saw an advert from about deals on business cards ... I couldn't resist. 

I did have some reasoning behind the purchase so that justified it in my head ... 

I plan on attending some blogger events and I think it would be easier and more professional to hand out a business card than a scrap of paper with my links etc on. business cards business cards

As I said ... had popped up so I visited their website and looked around - it's very easy to navigate and you can choose from their designs or you can upload and design your own. I'm not that good a designer so I chose one of their pre-designed cards and edited the bits I wanted to change. business cards

On there are hundreds of permutations - you can choose normal sized business cards, folding cards, square cards ... then you can choose the paper - thin, green, thicker, matte finishes, gloss finishes - then designs ... then editing the texts ... I could go on ... 

The pre-design I chose was the 'write on me' design.

Part 1 asks you to choose:

- a scent (I didn't see this the first time so I didn't choose any scent)
- if you want square or rounded corners (I chose square)
- the amount of cards - ranges from 50 to 8000 (I chose 50)
- the colour and amount of each card (I chose 10 of each colour as there was 5 = 50)
- editing the text (I added all my social media and mobile number here)

Part 2 asks you to choose:

- if you want original (luxurious and thick), green (recycled and matte finished) or luxe (3 times thicker and lightly textured) paper type

Depending on what paper type you choose above - the options change.

For original - you can choose (again) rounded or square corners and if you want a matte or gloss finish)
For green - no more choices are available - the paper is matte finished for you and you get square corners
For luxe - you get to choose the colour for the middle of the card - choose from: black, red, blue or white, again the paper is automatically matte finished and has square corners.

Once all completed you can add to the card and pay via the option you want - I opted for PayPal :) business cards business cards business cards business cards

Depending on how fast you want them - there are different postage methods available. Obviously the quicker you want them the more you need to pay. I think I paid for normal postage and they took about a week to come - so not long and I wasn't in a rush.

I really like the design I chose - you can write on the front if you need to write down something quick which is handy.
They are basic and straight to the point and have all my information on.

I have edited out my mobile number - as I don't want people seeing in (just in case you thought it was missing).

I did actually make one mistake with these business cards ... if you have a good eye you might have seen it already.

One thing the website does - it constantly ask you if you are sure your design is correct and I said 'yes' to everything little did I know that I had set my web address for my blog to: (and not like it should be. 

Luckily enough was available and so I purchased it from GoDaddy (where I get my domains) and linked it to my existing domain.

So it just goes to show ... check your work a million times and then get someone else to check it for you :)

My business cards cost me £19.25 for 50 and they are very good quality.

As I said above - the design I chose is one of hundred, probably even thousands so there sure to have something for everyone :)

Let me know if you have business cards and where you got them in the comments below.

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