Monday 6 April 2015

Fish Soho

Hey everyone :)

A month or so ago I was lucky enough to be contacted by Fish Soho's PR company and they sent me some lovely products to try. Now firstly I wanted to apologise because I planned to post a video and blog post about 2 weeks ago however my work shipped me off to another part of the country for 3 weeks and so I didn't take any of my equipment with me to film videos or anything.

fish soho

Now my hair routine is pretty simple - I dampen my hair (unless I've showered) then I spray some sea-salt spray in my hair and then I use a 'freeze spray' which is great and it keeps my hair the way I want it ... the only downside ... it makes my hair crusty, crunchy, hard and when I rub my hands through my hair you'd think I had really bad dandruff.

fish soho

Now that doesn't bother me that much ... but whenever I see something in the shops or see another bloggers post about hairstyle products I instantly check them out to see if they would be good for me.

So when Sophie (from the PR company) contacted me and asked if I would be interested in trying some products from 'Fish Soho' - I jumped at the chance. She asked me a few questions about what kind of products I used and what kind of hold and shine I wanted and then she sent me a couple of products that she thought would be suitable for me.

fish soho

So the two products shown above are:

> Superfish Fishfix Hardcore Hold Controlling Wax (top in picture)
> Superfish Stiffish Hardcore Hold Moulding Wax (bottom in picture)

So out of the two products I do have a favourite (don't let the other one hear me say that). The moulding wax is by far my favourite of the two. Mainly because it smells good, it does what I want in my hair and after application my hair is still soft and bouncy - not crusty and hard.

The instructions do recommend that you use a 'pea-sized' amount - which I agree with - similar to makeup - a little goes a long way!

They also recommend using your palms to apply - I prefer to use my fingertips and they also recommend to not to apply to your roots or it will cause flatness - for me I only tend to style my fringe and sometimes (depending on my mood) as far back as my crown so I apply to my roots and don't have problems - I think its more for longer length hair.

fish soho

The smell of the product is another highlight - it's not purposely scented (I don't think) but it reminds me of salons and hairdressers and I love the feeling when you walk out of the hairdressers with a new haircut and ready to face the world and the smell reminds me of that - so a big plus!!

Let me know in the comments if you have ever used Fish Soho's products?

Be sure to check them out on Twitter - which is HERE and their website - which is HERE - which has more history about the shop and why it became to be known as 'fish soho'.

Their products are stocked in Harrods, Boots and (not sure if its new) but my Tesco now has them too. They retail for around £4.99 per tub. Obviously price varies on the product so be sure to check the shops.

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Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, however I did receive a sample for my review. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.
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