Wednesday 15 April 2015

Melon Sunglasses

Hey everyone :)

So late last week I managed to somehow break my RayBan glasses ... this was a sad day for me ...

I learnt two things:

1. Take better care of your £140 sunglasses
2. Don't spend so much on 1 pair of glasses

This "incident" did have a silver lining though - it meant I got to buy some new ones :)

I thought I would look at some other brands instead of automatically going straight to RayBan again although I have to admit they have a pair of turquoise sunglasses that were screaming 'buy me' 'buy me' ... I somehow managed to press that X in the corner and stay away from the website.

I recalled that Dave had bought some sunglasses (or won them in a competition - I can't remember) and so I checked out the company I remembered called 'Melon'. They are (I think) a company that primarily caters towards snowboarders and skiers. Currently they stock sunglasses and goggles. They're range varies from set items to customisable options.


When you visit their 'sunglasses' page on their website - you are shown three categories: 

- premium collection
- original collection
- design your own

Now firstly I am buying sunglasses for myself and I wanted them to suit me - so when I looked through the premium collection - they reminded me something Proudlock from Made in Chelsea would wear and that is not me. For me they are too posh looking.

I didn't want to design my own straight away because this was the first pair I was buying and I wanted to make sure I liked their range and product. Also the price for customising is a bit more than their pre-set options.

melon sunglasses shoutjohn

melon sunglasses shoutjohn

So I chose the 'original collection' option. They have an extensive range from pink to citrus to grey to blue - I could go on ... I found one pair. These were a powdery white frame with sky blue lenses. These looked cool and sharp and instantly caught my eye so I added those straight to my 'cart'. 

melon sunglasses shoutjohn

I will add - that you are given the option to choose from 'non-polarised' and 'polarised' lens - I highly recommend that you choose 'polarised' lens - this does add a £7.50 additional charge to the cost of the sunglasses (non-polarised are just £20.00). 

Just to explain:

polarised - when we wear glasses our pupils widen which means they let more light into the eye - with polarised lens the product provides 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays.

The sunglasses are also made with vertical polarisation which is beneficial to us because the light reflected by the sun on flat surfaces is horizontally polarised - this means the light will reflect from the glasses and not cause glare or be too bright for you.

non-polarised - these lens have a dark shade and reduce the light however they don't have the vertical polarisation so will not counter the effects of horizontal polarisation.

The second pair I purchased were the 'Zephyr' sunglasses:

melon sunglasses shoutjohn

They are a white frame with green-milky coloured legs and a green lens.

Overall I am very happy with my purchase and I've already taken a few selfies and been out in the car a few times.

melon sunglasses shoutjohn

melon sunglasses shoutjohn

melon sunglasses shoutjohn

melon sunglasses shoutjohn

Let me know what you think in the comments :)

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