Wednesday 8 April 2015

Shane Dawson 'I Hate My Selfie' Book Review

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shane dawson

When I joined YouTube way back in 2011 (It was 16th Aug 2011 to be exact) I still remember the first YouTuber that I followed - Shane Dawson. His videos were great - they were a mixture of funny, serious, sad, exciting and crazy! He had a variety of them that would suit anyone.

From what I can figure out - Shane has been on YouTube around 6-7 years now - his first video being posted around June 2008. I can't say I was with him from the very beginning but I joined him 3 years in and I quickly watched most of his videos he had posted previously.

His videos (as I mentioned) are all different - some are parody videos, other videos he dresses up as different characters and does odd/but weirdly fun videos - I think out of all them his 'mum' character and his 'Shannaynay' character are my two favourite. He then does his more serious videos such as why he got fired from his job because of YouTube. A couple of years ago (I think now) he introduced us to his 'shane and friends' skit which was about a group of characters he created and he did weekly videos with a short video from each of them - this was one of his best creations (in my opinion) I still watch them when I've got some time to kill. He then obviously does his collaborations with other YouTubers and he is how I found some of the people I still watch today - such as Joey Graceffa.

I really love his music video parodies and how he gets his mum involved (not his mum character) but his really life mother.

Fast forward to this year and he released his own movie - 'Not Cool' which is on Netflix now - I highly recommend it. He has also released a short film/story from his book on YouTube which is really good.

But anyway we're not here to talk about his YouTube channel - I just wanted to do a short history of him and I've probably bored you all to death - I kid!

shane dawson

So recently Shane released his book - which is a collection of essays from different periods of his life. They're not made up or exaggerated they are all based on his life and times in his life - from when he worked at a weight loss company to when his grandmother sadly passed away to his addiction to Splenda (that nearly killed him).

shane dawson

Firstly I have to say that the book is amazing! I love when YouTubers bring out their own books - mainly because I love watching them on YouTube and when they bring out a book you get a further glimpse into their past. This sounds like I'm some kind of nosey/gossip person - but I'm far from it - but I just feel that when you watch YouTube videos that people post on the internet - you only get a short glimpse into their life and that's what they want you to see. So when he released his book - this gives you a deeper chance to see what his life was in the past and before/during YouTube started for him.

I really can relate to him and some of the things he comes out with - I'm just like .. OMG I do the same! (and some of them are really odd) Sometimes I think I should be locked up ... but then I tell myself - if Shane thinks like that in his head - then I'm okay :)

shane dawson

One of the stories is the story he made into a short film - which I've linked below so you can check it out - it's really well done and you can tell Shane put lots of effort into it.

If you want to check out his channels and watch some of his videos - he has 3 of them:

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