Tuesday 7 April 2015

What Do You Watch??

I watch a range of different television programmes and I've been wanting to do a short post on them for ages now - I just never got round to getting all the different shows together. I had some spare time the other day so I managed to get it together ...

So the programmes I'm going to talk about are ones that I watch currently. There was probably about another 100 I could have talked about but let's face it ... we would have been here for a couple of months.

People tell me that I get too invested in these shows and I completely agree with them. I did a post a few weeks ago about 'an unhealthy attachment to television shows and their characters' but I don't think there is anything wrong with that. You invest your time and watch a television show for years - take Grey's Anatomy for example - this programme started in 2005 and I was instantly hooked - it's been going for 10 years now and I've watched every episode - I've cried on the sad parts, went to weddings with them and laughed at the good parts! That cast have been to hell and back with plane crashes, deaths, illness and whatever else the writers throw at them - yes I know its a television show and its not real - but you still relate and feel like your there.

Anyway ... on with this list ... I won't go on forever ... I promise ...

Once Upon a Time
If you like all the original fairytales (Snow White, Prince Charming, Beauty & the Beast, Maleficent) then you'll love this. The story is about how the 'Evil Queen' curses all the fairytale characters and transports them to 'a last with no magic' (our world) and has their memories wiped so they have no clue who they are - they live boring, normal lives. In comes the 'saviour' who saves them all ... they recently did the Frozen arc so that was amazing! Now we have Cruella (from 101 Dalmatians), Ursula (from the Little Mermaid) and Maleficent (from Sleeping Beauty/Maleficent) who are looking for the person who wrote all the fairytales so they can change them and get a happy ending. The main reason I love this show is because it shows you the backstory/history of each of the characters and how they crossed paths with other fairytale characters. The show tends to focus on one character each episode and flashes back to their live in the Enchanted Forest and to the present day in 'the land with no magic'.

Grey's Anatomy
If you loved ER, Casualty or Holby City then I'm sure you'll love this show too. It's about a group of surgical interns who start at the new hospital and you get to see everything from the surgeries to the flirting to the sex to the sucking up to their mentors. Each episode focuses on a crazy medical problem and secondary focus is on whatever love-life issue is going on at that point. The show is narrated by Meredith Grey (one of the interns). She always starts with a opening monologue about a topic that is seen throughout the episode and then closes with another monologue at the end. The show has been going for around 10 years and I love it - there has been so much heartbreak and craziness.

Revenge had been around for a couple of seasons before I started watching it - so I spent a good deal of time binge watching it on Netflix to catch up. Basically a man is framed by a rich family for being a terrorist (unbeknownst to everyone - this rich family and a secret society had invested in companies that help when disasters occur - like plane crashes) so the man is framed for blowing up a plane and sentenced to life imprisonment. He has a daughter who goes into foster care, then juvenile detention. She is then released and gets all the money her father left her (we find out he was stabbed in prison and believed to be dead). He asks her in his diaries to forgive those who wronged him but she can't and sets out on a path of revenge to make everyone that put him in jail pay for what they did. It's very addictive and there are always parts where I'm on the edge of my seat shouting at the television.

Pretty Little Liars
Again similar to Revenge this was around for 3 or 4 seasons before I started watching it. I am still trying to catchy up (I'm currently on my fourth season - season 5 is nearly coming to an end). So there are 5 girls who have secrets and one night one of them goes missing (her name is Allison). Flash forward a year later (we find out one of the girls Aria had moved away to Europe for a year - she has now moved back). The body of Allison is found and a murder investigation starts. The funeral is held and at the end the girls all get a text from an unknown number, all at the same time from a mysterious person ... called 'A' - throughout the serious A threatens them and makes them do things to other people or to themselves or she will tell everyone the truth about secrets the girls have. We eventually find out who 'A' is but then someone else takes over and starts again. I don't know much more as I said I'm still catching up. It's very crazy and well-thought out though I have to give the writers a congratulation on that.

2 Broke Girls
I started watching this show when it first started - it's a comedy show - but its the kind of comedy - where they try that hard to be funny there not but that is then funny (if that makes sense). It's cringeworthy sometimes but I enjoy the story and it's not too bad. Basically Caroline is a rich girl and her dad gets done for fraud and jailed and she looses everything. She then befriends Max who is the complete opposite - she's suicidal, a pot-head, broke (most of the time) and lives in a small, dirty apartment in a bad area of town. Caroline then gets a job as a waitress with Max and learns to live as a broke person and they decide to use Max's cupcakes and Caroline's business degree to start their own 'cupcake shop'. The show also has Stiffler's Mum (who plays Sophie a polish woman) she is hilarious and some of the stuff she comes out with is great.

The Big Bang Theory
I can't remember how I got into this show - I think E4 (a channel in the UK) were showing it and it might have been season 2 or 3 (so I turned it off), found the first season and started watching from the beginning and really enjoyed it. It's centres around 2 physicists and a pretty girl (Kaley Cuoco) - I knew her from Charmed but you might know her from other things. Then there are supporting characters Raj and Howard - then later on in the series in comes Bernadette and Amy who make up the rest of the cast.

Family Guy
I've watched this for years - I think I started watching it when I started watching the Simpsons and that's been on for ever now. I thought it might have been cancelled by now. Family Guy is about Peter, Lois, Stewie, Brian, Meg and Chris. Peter is always trying crazy new ideas, Lois is the typical housewife but sometimes goes a bit crazy, Stewie is always trying to kill Lois, Brian is a dog and spends most of his time having sex with new girlfriends or writing his book, Meg is hated by most people and always mistreated and forgotten about and Chris is a bit of a nobody and is scared of a monkey living in his closet.

The Vampire Diaries
I do love a bit of Vampire Diaries - I started watching this when it first came out. The same time around True Blood I think - but this was the better of the two in my opinion. It has everything you can want - vampires, witches, werewolves and lots and lots of secrets. The story centres around Elena, Caroline and Bonnie and then Stefan and Damon - more characters are introduced (some new and some from other characters past) and it all gets complicated. Everyone is living peacefully until Katherine shows up (who is Elena's doppleganger) - which means she is from the same bloodline and looks identical to her. She then kills a few people. Caroline becomes a vampire, other people get killed, Bonnie finds out she's a witch then Klaus makes an appearance (who is one of the original vampires) and he happens to be half-werewolf so it trying to break the curse that stops him from transforming into a werewolf.

The Originals
This show is a spin-off of Vampire Diaries - some people say that you don't have to watch Vampire Diaries to watch this one but I'm one of the people who think you do need to watch it - I think it makes lots more sense and you already know the history of the vampires, the witches, werewolves etc so it makes it so much easier for you to follow (well I think anyway). This is not set in Mystic Falls like Vampire Diaries though its set in New Orleans where Klaus and his family used to live but its being ruled by someone else know - but if you know Klaus - that is going to change.

So ... those are all the shows I'm watching at the moment - I broke my promise of not talking too much ... I didn't realise that I was going to write this much.

Let me know in the comments if you watch any of the above.

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