Wednesday 13 May 2015

Love Tanya Review

Hey everyone :)

love tanya review

love tanya review

So Tanya Burr recently released her book - well I say recently it was a few months ago now ...

As soon as the book was out I did start seeing reviews on other blogs appear almost instantly and I thought to myself how on earth can they have read that book so fast and then put together a post about it but we won't think about that (as that's not what this post is about).

So I took my time reading this book and I actually finished it a month or so ago and its sat on my bedside table - I wasn't going to do a review but I picked it up the other night and started reading through it again and changed my mind.

I'll start with a little backing story of who Tanya is - as maybe you don't know who she is. Tanya grew up in Norwich and started her YouTube channel in October 2009. I won't go into massive detail - that is what her book is for.

Her YouTube channel (in its earlier days) featured tutorials on celebrity make-up looks. Then it branched out into vlogs, beauty hauls, drugstore hauls - the usual thing you'd expect on a beauty blogger's channel (that sounds generic - it's not supposed to be).

She also has her blog which she started after her YouTube channel in March 2011 (you can check it out HERE) which features a wide variety of topics - I'd say this is more a lifestyle-type blog - which is a good thing - it allows you to talk about whatever the hell you want than just focus on one thing - fashion/beauty/gardening etc ...

love tanya review

Now I found Tanya funnily enough throw Joey Graceffa - as he was one of the first YouTubers (along with Shane Dawson and iJustine) that I followed. They did a collaboration (a lip-sync video together) and I stumbled upon her channel and have been a subscriber ever since.

I don't know what it is about Tanya - I just can't put it into words to describe it - but she is just so fun and crazy and happy and ditzy (in the nicest way possible). She's just one of those lovable people that I'm sure if you meet - would be best friends 1/2 an hour later.

Obviously I'm a guy (and I'm gay) however her vlogging channel is more a draw to me than her main channel as (even though I'm gay) beauty/fashion doesn't get my juices flowing (if you know what I mean). I do watch the odd one but what I'm trying to say is I love her more day-to-day life vlog type videos than her main ones (not that they're bad or anything - cos they're not).

Anyway I'm rambling about her YouTube channel and not her book - see this is why I need an editor - jesus!

love tanya review

love tanya review

So her book is split into sections - the reason I say sections rather than chapters - because with chapters I feel like you have to follow them in order. With Tanya's book I felt you could open it at a section and read and not be lost because you didn't read the section before. Obviously it makes more sense if you read it in order but still works if you don't.

So I bought the hardback version of the book. The main colours of the book are a lovely deep pink and a mellow green-turquoise colour. Each section is filled with pictures of Tanya, some of her and Jim and her friends.

You know writing this now - calling the 'chapters' - 'sections' sounds horrible ... I'm cringing right now typing it ...

So the book follows a certain template/format which is cool - I like structure - you get:

- the topic title (with a massive picture of Tanya)
- the actual information on the topic
- a top 10 of the chosen topic (ie top 10 beauty favourites, top 10 musical favourites etc)
- a blank 'notes' page so you can list your own favourites
- lots of pictures throughout

love tanya review

My favourite part of the book is the baking section. Shock, shock, horror, horror! I've tried nearly all of the recipes apart from the oatmeal breakfast smoothie recipe - which I'm planning on making tomorrow. I made the cookies today which were yummy! I did burn a couple (which you can see).
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Let me know what you thought of the book and if you bought it. If Tanya brings out another book I would definitely buy it.

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