Thursday 28 May 2015

May Spotify Playlist

Hey everyone :)

may spotify

It's that time of the month again ... PAY DAY! Well and the music I've been listening too!

This month been quite interesting - I started listening to Shania Twain again - and if you know me it means I've played her to death - at work in the office, in my car, at home and funnily enough I have her on now.

I'm listening to her older stuff at the moment and it's just really catchy - I really wish I had seen her when she was on tour.

Favourites have to be:

- Thank You Baby!
- C'est La Vie
- I'm Jealous
- Waiter! Bring Me Water!
- I'm Not in the Mood

If I'm really, really, really honest with you - this is the only album I've been listening to all month. Apart from the odd song I hear on the radio in the office at work - this is it! 

Boring for you perhaps unless your on Spotify now looking for Shania Twain!

Let me know what you've been listening to this month.

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