Thursday 7 May 2015

Sad Moments 2

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tv saddest moments

A month or so ago I did a post on sad moments in television/film that really got to me and the post was really popular. So I thought I'd do a second post as I found some old clips of sad moments I did for a project years ago. I watched them over and had a little sniffle to myself.

Charmed - Goodbye Leo
I watched Charmed religiously - I had all the boxset and one of the main reasons I watch Pretty Little Liars is because Piper from Charmed is in the show. Anyway because of the sisters screwed up Destiny - Leo gets frozen to save his life and Piper gets told that if the girls succeed he will be returned. So Piper says her goodbyes while Phoebe and Paige watch - they're in tears and I'm in tears - everyone is in tears. It's really upsetting as if you've watched from the beginning you'll know they've been to hell and back to be together.

The OC - Kirsten's Intervention
The OC was one of the first ever boxsets I bought when I started my first real job and I enjoyed the show immensely. It was one of those weird moments in my life where I pretended in my dreams that I was Ryan (the pool house boy) and some rich family adopted me and I lived in Orange County - anyway back to reality. I can't remember the exact reasons - theres a lot of shit that goes down but Kirsten turns to alcohol and after a car accident - the family decide she needs help. It's so upsetting to see each of them speak and tell them she needs help and she obviously lashes out until Seth (her son) tells her she needs to do it and she breaks down - a very emotional episode.

Desperate Housewives - Rex's Death
If you ever think of Brie from Desperate Housewives - she was always the prim and proper housewife - never a hair out of place. If you watched the show her first husband 'dies' although if memory serves (it was in Season 1 which was years ago) the crazy doctor killed him or swapped his heart pills - I can't remember. The scene shows Brie cleaning her wedding silver in the dining room and she gets the call to break the bad news. She goes back to cleaning the silver and finishes, she closes the box and puts it away and sits back down at the table and lets out this bloodcurdling howl - this was the moment when I burst into tears. It was just the way the actress showed the emotion of death in that one howl - the camera then moves out and shows their wedding picture.

Armageddon - Harry's Sacrifice
An oldie - I remember watching this film at home with my parents and trying to hide the tears. Harry promises his daughter - Grace that he would come home but when the remote part of the bomb stops working it means someone has to stay behind to detonate it. AJ (Grace's boyfriend/fiance) gets the short straw but Harry takes his place so that he can go back to Grace and spend his life with her. They have a tearful good bye over the video/radio and when he presses the detonator his and her life flash before his eyes as the bomb explodes - really sad part of the film.

Scrubs - Laverne's Death
You wouldn't ever think that Scrubs would do anything emotional - it seems like a comedy show. I recently read an article on Buzzfeed on 'when Scrubs got way too emotional' and I think Laverne's death was one of them. Perhaps that why they do it so well because its 98% funny most of the time but when they need to get serious they do it brilliantly. Laverne is a strong believer in jesus and that everything happens for a reason and she tells us this in the monologue over the course of the episode and then if I remember correctly in the next episode she was hit by a car and was pronounced brain dead. Everyone says their goodbyes and it takes Carla a long time to do it but when she does Laverne passes.

So hope you enjoyed 'part 2' of my sad moments and in case you wanna get all upset and emotional most of these clips are on YouTube (just saying)

Let me know in the comments if you have any other sad moments you think about or remember from telelvision shows.

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