Thursday 21 May 2015

The Scottish Tag

Hey everyone :)

So I last week I couldn't think of a video to do and so I opted for a tag as they are always good fun.

I wanted to do something homely so I found the 'Scottish tag' on another YouTuber's channel and used that. If you want to check her video out - it's HERE.

If you don't know I was born in Scotland and I am Scottish (duh!). I moved to England nearly 4 years ago this August. I currently live in Hemel Hempstead which is about 30 mins from London by train. It's a lovely little countryside town and I love it.

Anyway ... the 'Scottish tag' contains 10 questions created by Erin from BeautyCreep.

Question 1: Whereabouts in Scotland are you from?
I am from Dumfries & Galloway a county in South West Scotland. I lived in a little town called Gatehouse of Fleet for most of my life.

Question 2: Where's your favourite place you've been in Scotland?

I’ve been all over Scotland as my parents took my brother and me on holidays lots - I loved Ullapool which was right at the top of Scotland as well as Tain as we have family there. Also Ayr is really nice, as well as Edinburgh and I spent a year in Hamilton (which is about 20 mins by train from Glasgow).

Question 3: Where would you like to visit in Scotland?
I’d love to visit more places in the Northern parts of Scotland such as Inverness or Thurso - I’ve also never been to Aberdeen or Dundee so those are on my bucket list.

Question 4: What is your favourite Scottish film?
Is it stereotypical for me to say Braveheart?! We watched it so much at school and it was always on the television. Also a film from 2012 - Dog Soldiers - this film not necessarily my favourite as it scared the shit outta me but I still remember it.

Question 5: Do you match up to any Scottish stereotypes?
I personally don’t think so but I’m sure my friend will say I do. I don’t drink much, I don’t curse much … what else do Scottish people do apart from drink and swear?!

Question 6: What is your favourite Scottish food?
Haggis - although I will say it depends where it comes from. I’ve had some amazing haggis and some horrible haggis! Dennis Thompson who is a local butcher around Dumfries & Galloway visited the cafe I used to work in and the haggis he supplied to them was AMAZING!

Question 7: Do you follow any Scottish traditions?
Not really … I do try and have haggis, neeps and tatties on or near Robert Burn’s Day - but apart from that I can’t think of anything else.

Question 8: What is your favourite Scottish word?
Gosh - so many to choose from … probably ‘bonnie’ - that’s a proper Scottish word :)

Question 9: What is your favourite Scottish song?
Not necessarily a song … but I love Highland Cathedral played on the recorder or the bag pipes. I listen to a few different versions every so often on Spotify.

Question 10: Can you recommend any Scottish you tubers?
I actually don’t - is that bad?! I actually found this tag via a Scottish YouTuber so I’ll like her video and channel in the description box below - - she’s called BeautyCreep - well that’s her channel not her name. 

That's the tag complete - let me know if your Scottish and I tag you to do it too if you haven't already! 

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