Tuesday 2 June 2015

Destiny: House of Wolves

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Bit of a gamer post today ...

On the 19th May - Destiny released their second expansion titled 'House of Wolves'.

I did a similar post on their first expansion 'The Dark Below' which you can find HERE. If you've played Destiny then you will know that in the initial game we faced the Vex, the Dark Below introduced the Hive and so the House of Wolves introduced the Fallen.

The Story ...

I'll keep this brief - so if you recall back when we were doing the Mars missions and searching for the Black Garden you had to visit the Queen in the Reef and you should remember that she had Fallen guarding her. So the story goes that the Fallen - specifically Skolas revolted and started an uprising. Several of the Queens people were killed and the Fallen flee the Reef. The Queen opens up the Reef to the Guardians so they can hunt and kill the traitors.

I'll pop the trailer here so you can check that out if you haven't already ...

The second expansion introduces a new social area  in the Reef called the 'Vestian Outpost' which looks like a run-down inside of a Ketch ship (but I divert). It's still cool! Everything available in the Tower can be found here such as bounties, the vault, postmaster, Xur was even there last week and other stuff that I can't be bothered typing or remember how to spell ... Cryptarch? Is that how you spell it? Anyway ...

In anticipation for the release - I spend a good couple of weeks collecting Vanguard Marks via daily events and daily/weekly missions because the Vanguard armour is something I normally get when the release comes out. I was badly prepared when the Dark Below was released and I had to spend ages getting good armour. So this time I learnt my lesson and had around 220 points before the release.

I eagerly awaited 18:00 GMT in the Tower and when it hit 18:01 - I returned to Orbit and the new social area in the Reef was available to I headed there straight away. I actually forgot to visit the vanguard first to get my armour - I did that after I got the quest chain from the Queen's assistant.

So I already have an exotic helmet, so I've kept that and I bought the gauntlets and chestplate. This put me at 31 1/2 light level. I then completed the story line which took me about 2 hours. I then did a run of the Prison of Elders and I had a treasure key which meant I got to open the big chest at the end- which game me the vanguard boots so that put me at 32 1/2 light level (which is where I am at now).

I'm currently looking to find people to do the Level 32 Prison of Elders so I can get the armour coil and get to 33 1/2 light level. Then I just need to get an etheric light and I'll be 34 (which is the maximum at the moment).

The expansion also includes:

Story Missions:

- A Kell Rising
- The Silent Fang
- The Ruling House
- Wolves' Gambit
- Queen's Ransom


- The Shadow Thief


- Level 28 Prison of Elders
- Level 32 Prison of Elders (Broken Legion)
- Level 34 Prison of Elders (Urrox's Grudge)
- Level 35 Prison of Elders (Skolas's Revenge)

Crucible Map:

- Black Shield
- The Timekeeper
- Thieves' Den
- Widow's Court

Timed Events:

- Trials of Osiris

So there was lots of new additions as you can see above ...

As I mentioned above I completed the story missions and really enjoyed them. Similar to the first expansion it starts near the end of an old story missions and you go backwards. One of the missions actually takes you back through the first mission of the game outside the wall where Ghost brings you back to life.

There is also lots of new weapons and armour added. You get a lovely little pistol (which does great damage against Fallen) and it brings Captains shields downs real quick. I also managed to get all new armour and am now at 32 1/2 light level.

The strike I found hard and I died a few times. The boss is pretty hard and is like the Archon Priest, Aksor from the Winter Run Strike only harder.

Destiny did not introduce a raid with this expansion but they added an Arena called 'Prison of Elders' this becomes available once you complete the story missions. There are 4 different types/versions of the PoE (Prison of Elders) - there is a level 28 matchmaking version. Then you have Level 32, 34 and 35 which are not matchmaking so you gotta take your own team in. You do 4 rounds of 3 waves against a specific race - so that's Fallen, Hive, Vex or Cable and then the last (fifth) round is a boss from a race. Once you complete the rounds and defeat the boss you get into the treasure room which is underneath the airlock. In the treasure room there are two small loot chests you can open and there is also a large chest which requires a treasure key. We all got one when you complete the story missions as a prize (I assume) but they can also be found randomly in loot chests after you kill the 'prowling wolves' on any planet. Very rare though - I've done tons and never gotten one but I know a few people that have. You can get rare/exotic/coins/motes of light/armour ... anything really ...

I'm not much of a Pvp'er so I haven't had a chance to try out the Crucible maps yet ... I probably won't ...

The new 'Trials of Osiris' I haven't had a chance to try out yet either but it's a 'timed event' so I will need to get my ass into gear!

All in all ... a good expansion and I really enjoyed the story missions and new armour/weapons.

As always I'm on the PS3 still - will eventually get a PS4 when I pay off all the other debt I have haha!

Add me if you have a PS3 ... johnaagnew2010

Let me know what you think if you've played/bought the expansion!

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