Wednesday 26 August 2015

iJustine Book Review

Hey everyone :)

Sorry I've been absent - lots of books I ordered arrived and so I've been busy reading them, working and playing Destiny (as it's less than one month until the next part of the game is released). I also started re-reading all the Famous Five books so really enjoying that!

This will be a short and sweet post. I've recently started reading iJustine's new book: An Analog Memoir.


This book is great and really gives an insight into how she got to where she is. From that one video about the 300-odd page AT&T iPhone bill to now.

I really enjoyed reading something about her that she wrote herself - as anyone who follows her will know that she is very technical (is that the right word?!) - everything is YouTube, iPhone, Twitter - all that jazz! (not that I'm saying that's bad as that's what I'm all for at the moment).

I've been watching iJustine for years now - she was my second subscription when I opened my YouTube account as Shane Dawson was my first and I loved her videos - her music videos were great, the cheeseburger video (anyone who is a regular will know what I'm talking about) was so funny and she does lots of product reviews on products that I want to buy. I bought my AppleWatch after watching her review. I also love the Tech Tuesday series she does. She recently reviewed the new GoPro which was good however I won't be buying it as I'm supposed to be saving and Dave will kill me.

Sorry, I digress we're supposed to be talking about the book not her YouTube channel.

As I say with every book I have bought - I love that you get glimpses into the YouTuber's past so you can see how they grew up and what happened. It's unbelievable that she had her first website when she was so young or that some boy got upset because she posted something about him and thought she was a bully. I obviously don't want to spoil the rest of the book for you so I will stop with the spoilers.

I did enjoy the book immensely and it's a great little addition to my bookshelf. If your a follower of iJustine and haven't bought it yet then order it on Amazon or go to your book shop and get it.

Let me know in the comments if you've read the book and what you thought.

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